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Best Golf Gifts for Golfers

Image of Best Golf Gifts

Best Gifts for Golfers

Golfers Grid's Christmas roundup of the top golf equipment and golf-related accessories is especially amazing this year because we know that Christmas in 2022 will be celebrated unlike any other holiday.

The Golfers Grid Christmas gift guide has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a secret Santa present under $100, a $50 stocking stuffer, or a golf gift for her or him. Here are some of the best golf gifts.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Noveilty Headcovers

Golfers Grid's selection of creative headcovers can help you to "keep a lid on it" when it comes to your best golf gifts. A quirky headcover is unquestionably a thoughtful Christmas gift that will be cherished on two levels.

First of all, they'll perform a fantastic job shielding clubs and putters from dings and scratches. And secondly, there won't be any awkward pauses when playing a round with strangers because of their attention-grabbing appearance, which will draw the gaze of curious observers.

Choose from the assortment of cute headcovers that are inspired by animals, or go for some unusual designs that must be seen to be appreciated.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - PuttOUT System

A shaky putter who practices with the entire PuttOUT system will soon be walking in like Kevin Na over Christmas. The curved ramp in the PuttOUT putting trainer returns the ball to where it would have ended up behind the hole if a putt had missed, helping to improve both accuracy and distance management.

A pop-out micro target is the ultimate challenge for hours and hours of enjoyment; only a putt with the ideal pace and precision will land in the tiny indentation halfway up the curved ramp. The golf putting mat offers a smooth-rolling surface and hence it can be utilized indoors, making it the ideal gift stuffer companion. White, blue, orange, green, or the more festive red are the colors some of which are on offer.

The PuttOUT Compact Mirror, which promotes eye and shoulder alignment and enhances your putting stroke, is another option. Give the gift of improved putting this holiday season because the PuttOUT line truly is one of the best golf gifts that keeps on giving.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Golf Training Mat

Christmas is a time for spending time with family and friends, but as a golfer, it's ironic that these same people frequently make it difficult for you to get out on the course and practice. You need to use a home practice facility to bring the course to your place.

Choose from chipping nets to improve your short game touch, hitting nets and mats to perfect your full swing in the backyard, or indoor putting mats to perfect your flat stick.

Home practice tools won't help you avoid the unavoidable household chores or yard work, but at least you'll be able to improve your game while visiting with family and friends.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - GPS Device

Your golf-loving loved ones will deck the halls and jingle their way to greater golf in if they receive a GPS device for Christmas. With portable and user-friendly GPS Units and Watches that assist simplify the distance gauging process, incorrect judgment on the golf course will become a thing of the past.


All that is attributable to precise GPS-calculated distances from the top brands like Garmin and Bushnell. It is definitely a golfer's Christmas wish to know how far it is to the pin.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Marvel Golf Balls

There aren't many golfers with superpowers on the course, with the possible exceptions of Rory, Cam Smith, DJ, and Tiger, of course. However, the Marvel Golf line has some excellent stocking stuffers if you're looking for a present for a golfer who doesn't have golfing superpowers but likes superheroes.

Marvel's high-end line of golf balls, gloves, caps, head covers, and golf bags all feature popular superheroes like The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Panther, and Captain America.

Warning: Despite Marvel superheroes typically beating enemies with a high success rate, an evil slice can still defeat any Marvel product.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Navika Ball Markers

The Navika line of golf accessories is just what you've been looking for if you're buying for a golf-obsessed mother, sister, aunt, wife, or even fiance. The Navika goods inject some glitz and joy into the typically stodgy sport of golf.

When not in use, the ball marker from Navika's collection of crystal-encrusted ball markers can be displayed from a magnetic necklace. These ball markers will shine on the greens. With its vibrant colors and polka dot designs, the Navika golf ball line is the sport's most striking. You won't ever need to check which ball is yours again because they are so distinctive.

Beaded stroke counters, golf towels, divot repair tools, and hat clips are some of the additional Navika goods that provide a touch of sparkle and glamour to the golf course. Just in case you needed a reminder, nothing says "Merry Christmas" like giving a present of bling.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Ladies's Golf Glove

For the female golfer in your life this holiday, the Glove might be the ideal purchase. As the name implies, Glove It carries a variety of golf gloves that look completely different from the standard generic brand-name models.

In addition to bags (cart, shoe, tote, and carry), the women's Glove It line also includes visors, towels, headcovers, and other accessories with a similarly attractive aesthetic concept. Try Glove It if you're looking for the ideal Christmas present for her.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Chipping Net

Golf can be a hard game when your swing is performing like Meatloaf on AFL grand final day, but there’s an easy way to improve. Choosing something from a selection of the game’s most innovative training aids literally gives the gift of a better golf swing this Christmas.

And with most training aids suited to home practice, be prepared for a frenzy of backyard or indoors training come Boxing Day. It is one of the best golf gifts for men.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Golf Buggies

During a round, lugging a golf bag around slowly but surely wears down the old back and shoulders. Additionally, it can be difficult to walk the 18 holes if your knees are in poor shape. Golf is never enjoyable when you're sore and stiff.

However, there are best golf gifts for men you can offer a golfer to lessen their burden: a brand-new golf buggy! A buggy is a no-brainer to reach holiday joy, whether it's a lightweight push cart or a remote-controlled electric model.

Discover some of the best golf gifts for lovers ideas by perusing the fantastic Motocaddy buggy line. The easy-to-roll electric range offers some stress-free platinum service on the courses.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Rangefinder

The pin-hunting season can start in the New Year once a laser rangefinder comes on Christmas morning. Laser rangefinders are a crucial piece of equipment since they provide quick and accurate distance measurements to the flag. A comprehensive selection of brands, including Sureshot, Bushnell, Voice Caddy, Callaway, and Shot Scope.

Since devices like the Shot Scope Pro LX laser rangefinder have 7x ocular magnification and can lock on to a pin up to 300m away, the days of pacing out distances are long gone. And confusing distances are a thing of the past thanks to the slope mode feature, which computes elevation changes and generates a distance that "plays-like."

A rangefinder functions similarly to a Tour caddy, but without salary and body odour. What a best golf gifts for men idea!


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Golf Tees

A pack of golf tees is a fantastic stocking stuffer for Christmas, especially if they are Tour Tee brand tees. An annual supply of five Tour Tees, which are produced from recycled plastic, could be given as one of the best golf gifts because: they can't fly away thanks to the special barbed point design, and they are virtually unbreakable.

Even better, Tour Tees have a low-friction design that can increase a drive's distance by up to 12 yards—yes, that's free distance—while also reducing spin.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Launch Monitor

What could be better for Christmas than receiving a portable launch monitor as the best golf gifts? Rejoice because your hunt for the ideal golfing gift is done. Launch monitors keep track of every critical swing parameter and deliver real-time data on carry distance, ball speed, swing speed, smash factor, and loft angle, to mention a few crucial metrics.

Simple to set up and connect to a phone, devices like the Rapsodo Launch Monitor provide some sweet real-time shot tracing while conveying the data. It's one of the perfect and best golf gifts for men and women that will definitively eliminate the element of uncertainty from the golf swing.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Phone Holder

A good grip is essential to playing golf well, therefore phone holders consistently rank among the best golf gifts for lovers. Our selection of phone holders attach to the frame of your golf buggies, providing rapid access to all the critical information contained on your phone. No more digging through your pockets or golf bag for your phone or GPS unit.

The possibility of dropping your phone out on the course is also eliminated by phone holders; you won't have to go back over your steps in search of a misplaced smartphone.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - Golf Clubs and Balls

A club cleaner is the ideal Christmas present to start the New Year if polishing your game and reviewing the fundamentals are your goals for 2023. With a selection of cleaning tools, keeping grooves spotless and clubs pristine after hacking it out of the worst organic debris imaginable throughout an 18-hole round is a delight.

There are towels for a quick wipe down, a variety of groove sharpeners to ensure the face gets the most jazz possible off of it, and brush kits for every imaginable use. Cleanliness, as the saying goes, is next to OMG-liness.


Image of Best Golf Gifts
Image of Best Golf Gifts - eGift Card

You may always play it safe with best golf gifts and offer your golf-loving recipient an eGift Card if you're still unsure of what will make them ecstatic on Christmas morning.

The eGift Card will be emailed to you or, if you wish, to the intended recipient. They can then select exactly what they want from the enormous selection of golfing accessories.

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