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5 Best Golf Swing Apps For iPhone and iPad

Image of Best Golf Swing Apps

Best Golf Swing Apps

The majority of golfers aim to improve their game by lowering their handicaps and refining their swing. Fortunately, you can examine your swing and make adjustments using just your tablet or smartphone in this great digital world of today. Let's examine the best golf swing apps available today.

Shot Tracer, V1 Golf, Mirror Vision, Golf SwingPlane, and Swing Profile Golf Analyzer are unquestionably the best golf swing apps for an iPad or iPhone. With these golf swing apps, you can share, receive, and replay slow-motion swings as well as compare and overlap swings.

This article is for you if you are unsatisfied with your swing technique and are looking for alternate ways to get better using iPhone or iPad-compatible technology. We'll go over the top five best golf swing apps for the iPad and iPhone including all of its extra features, so you can record and evaluate your swing.

1. Shot Tracer

The supreme swing app for the iPhone and iPad right now is certainly this one. The Seniors Tour, Challenge Tour, Japan PGA Tour, Canadian PGA Tour, Symetra Tour, and West Florida Tour all employ professionals who use it.

Golf ball tracking, true GPS distance measurement, automatic ball flight tracing, and a digital scorecard are some of its features, all without the need for an internet connection. Tracing numerous pictures in a single film, adding a custom logo, fully customizing the colors, automatic smart video editing, the shadow effect, and the laser line are other capabilities.

Its map tracer, which enables you to track your golf shots on a 3D map for more than 30 000 golf courses, is a very cool feature. It can also be used to save money. These golf swing apps are ideal for Instagram because it has superb 3D ball flying animation, and the most recent HD maps, and are available in 1:1 and 16:9 sizes.

The software has a free version and a paid edition that adds the ability to add a map to your Shot Tracer line for $1.99 per month.

If you're seeking an app that can do it all, you should give this one a look because of all the incredible features that come with its free basic edition.

2. V1 Golf

V1 Golf app, which is among the best golf swing apps available, has a free and premium subscription version.

The free golf swing apps for iPhone version offer tools to record and evaluate your golf swing, such as 140 frames per second HD video recording, slow motion playback, a library of professional model swings, cloud storage, drawing tools, accelerate, trim, and editing features, as well as zooming and flipping angles to display right- and left-handed views.

Receiving video analysis from a V1 pro coach is another benefit of using the V1 Golf app. You may connect with hundreds of V1 instructors who can help you get better at your game by sending them your videos instantly, and getting video analysis, and feedback.

Model swing collection, image transfer, slow-motion swing comparison, swing overlay comparison, video sharing, priority support capabilities, and an ad-free experience are all included in the in-app annual subscription.

Being a member also gives you access to the benefits of their partners, including discounts on the most well-known golf brands.

3. Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

Swing Profile Golf Analyzer software, which boasts of being the only one that can autonomously record and replay each golf swing hands-free, enables you to instantly review your swing after the shot.

Coaching, swing analysis, and golf training are all made possible by this software. Auto-reply golf instruction, automatic swing detection, automatic swing creation, automatic swing drawing, automatic trimming of videos, automatic synchronization of two golf swings, and several additional tools are some of the features.

If that's not enough to get your attention, this software won the 2012 PGS Merchandise Show awards for "Best Overall Product" and "Best Market Research." This software is used by Deb Vangellow, the 2012 LPGA National Teacher of the Year and LPGA Master Pro.

Although this app is free, it does offer in-app purchases and a recurring subscription, the cost of which depends on whether you are a player or coach. The cost of the coaching play is $19.99 per month, while the elite membership is $9.99. it is one of the best golf swing apps.

4. Golf SwingPlane

USA Today published articles about this software in Golf Monthly UK. It is referred to it as a swing comparison app that a golfer cannot afford to miss.

They assert that it can save you hundreds of dollars in video equipment for just $2.99. Players can learn everything they need to know about their golf swing with the frame-by-frame capability and the telestrator. The side-by-side tool enables coaches and instructors to demonstrate to students the gains achieved over prior swings.

Frank Lickliter, a two-time PGA Tour winner, utilized this version of golf swing apps for iPhone to work with Monte Scheinblum, a trainer at Oak Creek Golf Club in California, helping him finish 13th in the Valero Texas Open.

Side-by-side comparison, recording swings using two smartphones, sharing, exporting, importing, slow motion, angle markers, frame-by-frame forward and rewind, and uploading are some of the capabilities of the program, which most golf swing apps for android lack. Although the app is free, there are in-app payments for professional videos and video tutorials.

5. Mirror Vision

Even though Mirror Vision is a fresh product on the market and currently does not have as many users or reviews as some of the other best golf swing apps competitors, this software is nothing to belittle.

Real-time streaming, 240 frames per second slow-motion video playback and recording, self-insert reference lines, swing review and analysis, video import and export, and seamless sharing functions without an internet connection or WiFi are just a few of its features.

You may view your swing in real-time by streaming the camera from your iPhone or iPad to the other screen. According to their claim, it is the only software that fully utilizes the iPhone's capabilities. Furthermore, it accomplishes this with very low latency.

Because users can see what they are feeling and may adjust as necessary, the intuitive real-time feedback helps you understand and learn new motor patterns much faster. Although this software is free, there is a Pro subscription option.


We found that there are a lot of golf swing apps available nowadays that can help you improve your golf game by enabling you to record your swing in real-time and play it back in slow motion. Additionally, several of these golf swing apps offer fantastic extra features like GPS tracking, digital scorecards, the ability to contact professional instructors, and more.

Although you may download any of these applications for free, several of them include membership services that unlock additional capabilities. However, the majority of these applications don't require a subscription because the free edition already has all the essential tools you'll need to record and analyze your swing.

You should try out one of these golf swing apps that we covered in this article if you want to enhance your swing without having to go to a coach or hire loads of video recording equipment. You can get huge benefits from any of them, so your decision on golf swing apps will mostly depend on your preferences.

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