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Arnold Palmer Biography

Image of Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer - The King

The first golfer to earn a million dollars was Arnold Palmer. Palmer drew throngs of admirers, dubbed "Arnie's Army," who followed his every move, cheering his victories and sharing in his defeats. He changed golf's status from that of a simple game to that of an exciting sport.

Arnold was affectionately referred to as "The King" and was connected to the enormous golf boom that the sport had in the second half of the 20th century, which no one had ever predicted. One of the finest golfers in the sport's history, he successfully dispelled the myth that golf was a sport primarily enjoyed by the wealthy and eminent by his captivating appearance.

Arnold Palmer Early Years

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Arnold Palmer - Credit: Getty Images

Arnold Daniel Palmer, the eldest of Milfred "Deacon" Palmer and Doris Palmer's four children, was born in Youngstown, Pennsylvania. He was raised close by in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. When Arnold Palmer was three years old, his father started teaching golf at the Latrobe Country Club and gave him his first set of clubs.

Arnold started to sneak into the nine-hole course at Latrobe whenever possible. At the age of eleven, he started working as a caddie. Palmer lost just one game in four years of competing for the Latrobe High School golf team.

Palmer met Bud Worsham, whose brother played golf professionally, in his senior year. He received a golf scholarship at Wake Forest College in North Carolina at Worsham's urging. Worsham passed away in an automobile accident during Palmer's senior year at college.

Worsham's passing left the latter shaken, and he quit school to join the Coast Guard. In order to finance his amateur golfing, he started dealing painting supplies in 1954. That year, he took home the National Amateur title.

Arnold Palmer Pro Career

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Arnold Palmer In Past Competition - Credit: Getty Images

Palmer started playing golf professionally in November 1954. He married Winnie Walzer, whom he had met while competing in an amateur event, a month later. He earned $24,000 for winning the Canadian Open in 1955.

In 1956, he won three competitions, and in 1957, he won four, making him the fifth-highest money winner on the tour with twenty-eight thousand dollars in earnings. In each of the following two seasons, Arnold Palmer won three tournaments. The prestigious Masters, a competition hosted each year in Augusta, Georgia, was one of his victories in 1958.

Palmer's stunning comeback victories in the Masters and U.S. Open in 1960, just as golf was starting to receive regular television coverage, turned him into a national icon. In addition to the Masters in 1962 and 1964, he also won the British Open in 1961 and 1962.

Arnold Palmer became one of the most well-known figures in the country. He got involved in other enterprises, tried his hand at acting in television and motion pictures, and published a new book about golf every few years. He earned over a million dollars a year, making him the wealthiest athlete in the world.

Arnold Palmer – The Golf Legend

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer - Credit: Getty Images

Even though Palmer kept winning tournaments into the 1960s, some people thought his companies were taking his attention away from the game. Nevertheless, the Associated Press (AP) recognized him as athlete of the decade in 1970. In the 1970s, Palmer only garnered a small number of PGA victories.

Arnold Palmer joined the Senior PGA circuit in 1980 and took home the title. He won the 1984 PGA Seniors as well as the 1981 USGA Senior Open and the Senior Open of the USGA. In 1988, he earned his final victory on the Senior tour. In Oakmont, Pennsylvania, when he made his final U.S. Open appearance in 1994, the applause of his "Army" moved him to tears. At his last appearance at, a similar incident occurred during the 1995 British Open.

Arnold Palmer has won almost all of the national golfing honors. He is a member of the American Golf Hall of Fame, the World Golf Hall of Fame, and the PGA Hall of Fame. He earned 61 victories on the PGA Tour, including seven major titles. Palmer also leveraged his notoriety for charitable causes, spending twenty years as the Honorary National Chairman of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation.

The golfer was instrumental in obtaining funds for the construction of Orlando, Florida's Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women. In 1992, he also started hosting an annual golf tournament to raise money for the Latrobe Area Hospital.

Arnold Palmer Later Years

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Arnold Palmer In Ryder Cup - Credit: Getty Images

In January 1997, Palmer underwent surgery for cancer. After he had recovered, it was discovered that his wife had a different kind of cancer. 1999 saw her passing. He kept up his golfing activities.

In a case brought by golfer Casey Martin, who was seeking to be allowed to use a golf cart to go between holes while playing due to a condition with one of his legs, he testified on behalf of the PGA. Palmer and others contended that Martin would unfairly benefit from the cart's advantages over other players.

Palmer was one of several investors who paid $820 million in 1999 to buy the Pebble Beach golf course in California. He received criticism in 2001 for agreeing to an endorsement deal to sell a golf club that didn't adhere to USGA rules. Palmer participated in his 48th and last Masters competition in April 2002 in Augusta.

Arnold Palmer Net Worth

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Arnold Palmer Restaurant

Arnold's estate was valued at $875 million. Eight employees received $25,000 each from his $875 million fortune, which was also divided between his second wife ($10 million), two daughters, and his charity, Arnie's Army ($10 million). He is also the owner of Arnold Palmer restaurant under the Arnold Palmer Group.

Arnold Palmer Alcoholic Drink

Image of Arnold Palmer
Image of Arnold Palmer Spiked Drink - Credit ArnoldPalmerSpiked.Com

The Arnold Palmer alcoholic beverage version of a mocktail made with one part tea and one part lemonade. Nobody is certain if famed golfer Arnold Palmer invented it or not, although he was a big fan. It was named after the golfer.

Arnold palmer spiked is the cocktail version that contains alcohol, also known as Arnold Palmer half and half. Check our future series for Arnold Palmer drink recipe and how to prepare alcoholic Arnold Palmer drink and Arnold Palmer with vodka.


Who won Arnold Palmer invitational 2022?

Scottie Scheffler was the winner of Arnold Palmer invitational 2022 that was staged in Orlando, Florida

Who won Arnold Palmer invitational 2021?

Bryson DeChambeau was the winner of Arnold Palmer invitational 2021 hosted at Bay Hill Golf Course

Who won the Arnold Palmer invitational today?

Scottie Scheffler was the winner of Arnold Palmer invitational 2022 that was staged in Orlando, Florida

What is the payout for the Arnold Palmer invitational?

The prize money for the winner was $ 2,160,000.00 in 2022

What channel is the Arnold Palmer invitational on today?

Gold Channel and NBC have the contract to air Arnold Palmer invitational

How to watch the Arnold Palmer invitational?

Switch to Gold Channel and NBC to watch Arnold Palmer invitational without interruptions.

How old was Arnold Palmer when he died?

Arnold Palmer died in 2016, he was aged 87 at the time

How to make an Arnold Palmer cocktail?

You mix one part of lemonade and one part of tea.

How many masters did Arnold Palmer win?

Arnold Palmer won 4 Masters in 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964

Where is Arnold Palmer from?

Arnold Palmer was born and raised in Pennsylvania, U.S.

Where is Arnold Palmer invitational played?

The invitational series is played every March in Bay Hill Golf Course in Florida.

What is the cut line at the Arnold Palmer invitational?

At the 36th hole, the cut line is 65 players plus those tied on points

Where is Arnold Palmer invitational 2022?

Bay Hill Golf Course, Florida

Arnold Palmer spiked where to buy?

Arnold Palmer spiked is available on online retailers and minibars.

How much caffeine in Arnold Palmer?

Caffein content for Arnold Palmer spiked is 35mg per 12oz

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