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Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review

Image of Callaway ST Max Driver

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review

A full-time job in and of itself is keeping up with all the goods that Callaway releases. Redundancy is inevitable, and we are all aware that the dollar is king, yet their new driver stands out.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver offers distance and forgivingness. But does it fit you?

The good news is that Callaway Rogue ST Max combines everything that Callaway has been doing well in previous models. We haven't seen a club go by the name of Rogue in a while, but it's returning this year in a pretty remarkable way.

Find out more on this Callaway Rogue ST Max driver reviews that will be complemented with Callaway Rogue ST Max Os irons review in the later blog post.

Pros and Cons

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver Pros

  • Maximum forgiveness thanks to its big sweet spot

  • Crown and sole made of triaxial carbon fiber to quicken swing

  • Warm AI designed face to minimize spin

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver Cons

  • Impossible to manipulate ball flight

Who Is Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver Meant For?

Callaway Rogue ST Max's large sweet spot will make it most useful for players with mid-to-high handicaps. Making a hole harder is missing a fairway or barely making it to one.

Most of us just want to enjoy our time on the golf course and haven't had time to practice. Callaway Rogue ST Max isn't the club for you if you want to mould your drives. However, give Callaway Rogue ST Max a try if you want to simplify the game and lose fewer balls.

Callaway Rogue ST Driver Performance Feature Ratings



Spin Rate








Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Specs


45.75 Inches


9°,10.5°, or 12°

Clubhead Material

Mitsubishi Tensei AV White or Blue


Titanium and Carbon Fiber


Golf Pride Tour Velvet

In-Depth Callaway Rogue St Max Driver Review

Callaway is producing some truly amazing technology. To the benefit of a variety of golfers, they keep coming up with new ways to redesign the driver. Callaway Rogue ST Max stands out from others in similar category in a notable way.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Launching Power and Forgiveness

Image of Callaway ST Max Driver
Image of Image of Callaway ST Max Club Face

You're obviously wondering what the gold bar is that's affixed to the rear of the club head is, to start with the big question. The 26-gram tungsten speed cartridge in Callaway Rogue ST Max is used to maximize launch angle precision and enhance forgiveness out across face.

Additionally, it increases the MOI, which lessens the clubface's tendency to veer to sideways during upon impact. This keeps your off-center hits more accurate and straight.

The fact that it reduces weight across the cranium allows for the employment of this enormous tungsten bar. Designers could shift the center of gravity to enhance forgiving and launch angle by employing carbon fiber in the crown and sole.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Unique Face

Image of Callaway ST Max Driver
Image of Callaway ST Max Clubhead

Though Callaway Rogue ST Max face is not brand-new, Callaway has used it successfully in earlier models, including the Epic Max.

The jailbreak technology is so effective. It has tremendous energy transfer capabilities, or what golf geeks would refer it as enhanced COR (coefficient of restitution).

Your drives will travel farther if there is less energy loss between the clubhead and ball. For strength and support, the two titanium bars behind the Callaway Rogue ST Max clubface are up to the task.

The actual clubface was created and manufactured by Callaway using their unique AI technology. Along with the tungsten bar, its variable width also guarantees off-center impacts.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Adjustability Capabilities

These capabilities are not novel either, but given the layout of Callaway Rogue ST Max, they can be considerably more beneficial. The head is available in lofts of 9, 10.5 and 12, but thanks to the adjustability mechanism, getting the 10.5° of Callaway Rogue ST Max will allow you to essentially have all three.

In order to make your ball flight stick to a single side of the greens, you can also set your lie angle. When the Callaway Rogue ST Max driver settings is configured to "Draw," it will reduce your slices on poor swings and produce a powerful draw on exceptional strokes.


Which Rogue ST Driver Is Best?

The standard "Max" version of the Rogue ST is the finest one closely followed by Callaway Rogue ST Max LS. For all players with mid-high handicaps, it provides the most flexibility in terms of both forgiveness and distance.

You can speed up your swing to enhance distance thanks to the new carbon fiber head and an expansive tungsten bar.

Which Callaway Rogue Driver Is Most Forgiving?

The Rogue ST Max is the Callaway Rogue driver that is the most forgiving. At the back of the club head is a 26-gram tungsten insert.

Any shot that is not struck in the center of the clubface will gain lift due to the increased sweet spot and decreased center of gravity.

What Does ST Mean In Rogue ST?

"Speed-Tuned" is what the "ST" stands for. It alludes to how technical breakthroughs have combined to create an extremely fast clubhead. The carbon triaxial sole and crown are the first of several factors that contribute to this speed. As a result, the designers can move the weight elsewhere.

The face, which was designed and developed based on AI technology, contributes to speed as well. Technically, it must be as thin as possible to create a hot face off which to launch the ball.

When Did Callaway Rogue ST Come Out?

Early in 2022, the Callaway Rogue ST was released. These are the most recent technological advancements from Callaway, one of the market's top drivers. Since the Rogue drivers line hadn't been around seen in a while, anticipation was high for them.

This driver is among the best you can purchase, and the re-launch has exceeded expectations.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Verdict

You'll have to seek elsewhere if you're looking for a bad Callaway Rogue ST Max driver review. A striking driver that makes use of all the cutting-edge technology Callaway has developed is the Callaway Rogue ST Max.

It offers exceptional forgiveness, great distance, and a launch angle that is tailored to making hitting fairways simpler.


It's not always enjoyable to review golf equipment because there are some subpar clubs that mimic the superior one. We do, however, occasionally see one that lives up to the expectations.

One of them is the Callaway Rogue ST Max driver, which is enjoyable to hit. Take this driver for a test drive if you want to improve your scores and have more fun because hitting fairways makes the game much more pleasurable. Read also Golfers Grid review on Callaway Rogue St Max irons

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