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Cobra King LTD Driver

Image of Cobra King Ltd Driver

Cobra King LTD Driver Overview

For the start, what is Cobra King LTD driver? Cobra King LTD driver is "the straightest and longest driver they have ever designed," claims Cobra. Although it isn't surprising to hear them make this claim, I must confess that they do have a few intriguing characteristics to back it up. Read king cobra ltd driver reviews below to find more about the cobra king ltd black driver.

It has been one of the driver design race's "white whales" for a very long time, if you've been following it at all. Theoretically, its Zero Center of Gravity enhances energy transfer and decreases spin.

Cobra King LTD driver retails for a whopping $449, supporting the notion that Cobra is aiming for the high-end driver market.

Image of Cobra King Ltd Driver
Image of SpaceSports Technology on Cobra King Ltd

I believe I can skip much of the technical specifics and just say in general: Cobra is eager to note out that they were able to conduct R&D on the International Space Station because of their collaboration with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).

Whatever you choose to make of that, at the very least you should be aware that is the theme driving the usage of space-age materials in the king cobra ltd driver’s lighter crown (enabling the Centre of Gravity cause), the Spaceport.

Cobra King LTD Driver Aesthetics

Image of Cobra King Ltd Driver
Image of Cobra King Ltd Face

As visible, the sole is primarily black with those three subtle orange/gray stripes and the crown is entirely black with a tiny yellow alignment aid.

On the crown, what is not visible is a neat small diamond design that resembles a diagonal checkered flag in the carbon-fiber composite. Of course, the Spaceport is what you can see on the club's sole. I think it is cool enough. I can't get rid of the sensation that I've seen this before.

As informed earlier, it is the evidence of Cobra's activities in the space. An Aldila Rogue Black, the stock shaft- in the Stiff version- weights only 68g.

Cobra King LTD Driver Feel

Image of Cobra King Ltd Driver
Cobra King Ltd Aesthetics

The king cobra driver ltd is notably subdued, with a feel that I initially compared to a pencil eraser, in contrast to the G20, which sounds as a softball bat upon stroking. Of course, as you grow accustomed to the new sensation, you will start to value its subtle badassness. Its shot is quite fulfilling when you get it properly; it definitely has similar sensation as the old Titleist driver.

Every driver feels good when hit on the screws, of course, but the Cobra King Ltd driver has a far a better feel than the rest. It's compulsive and superior to its competitors. It can only be equated to the BioCell+ driver, but with a bit more octane, as if Cobra had completely perfected what they were pursuing. Additionally, the club feels more precise than the G20.

Cobra King Ltd Driver Performance

The change is so stark that it simply takes one halfway decent swing to appreciate the lower spin of cobra king ltd pro driver. The 10.5-degree King LTD delivers a mid-trajectory laser beam that appears to have topspin rather than backspin with the same swing that 10.5-degree G20 delivers a somewhat ballooning drive in the fairway.

The ball often spins up a little and barely rolls out. The flight is completely phenomenal with the King LTD; the ball pummels ahead and continues rolling upon landing.

Honestly speaking, the King LTD drives are anywhere between 10 to 20 yards longer than G20 after 600 swings on the rang thanks tothe low spin. The Zero CG is the cause of the reduced spin. Although 10–20 yards may not seem like much in the context of actual golf, King LTD continues to prove itself.

Although Cobra's MyFly adjustment function is available on the cobra golf- king ltd black driver, the neutral 10.5 is where you get the most from it. However, with the 10.5 degree Cobra King LTD driver, you will have the following adjustability options:

  • Draw: 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°;

  • Neutral: 9.0°, 9.5°, 10.5°; 11.5°, 12.0°

The club seems lighter than usual, which could have differing effects on different players. More distance is undoubtedly one of those outcomes, but it may also be tempting to overswing this devil. For those that tend to overswing, it may be tempting to be overly ambitious with the King LTD power as the clubhead gets further from you.

Cobra King LTD Driver Spaceport!

Image of Cobra King Ltd Driver
Image of Cobra King Ltd with SpaceSports Technology

The Spaceport, ah. It has a stylish appearance, but it also serves a purpose because it is the last component of weighting that keeps the club's center of gravity at zero.

Cobra really took the time to highlight the driver's numerous interior characteristics, presumably to confirm that the club did, in fact, contain some great space-related technology.The Spaceport does, however, occasionally come loose, perhaps every 2.5 rounds or every 1.5 rounds if you throw in a driver-heavy range session.

Naturally, Cobra comes with a torque wrench, making the fixing of the problem simple. But in the end, you do not need such kind of concern circling in the back of your rather wobbly golf mind.

Cobra customer service department, to be fair, immediately acknowledged the potential of it coming loose and attributed it to a physical inevitability when a club is being swung at repeatedly high speeds. You are advised simply fasten the Spaceport before each round to prevent it from falling loose.

Cobra King LTD Driver Verdict

Please don't be deterred the tirade about spaceports; Cobra King Ltd Driver is unquestionably a thoroughbred. It is a notch above the competition and is now among the top 3 or 4 drivers available.

This driver is simply a sturdy, non-gimmicky, best performing club that you will not anticipate to update for a few seasons, even with a fad like the Spaceport in play.

Cobra admirers have received the Tour-status stick they have been yearning for, and skeptics will have no reason to doubt cobra king ltd pro driver now.

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