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Grossest-Looking Alex Noren’s Hands

Alex Noren hands

Golf isn't at all as soft as some people may imagine, as demonstrated by Alex Noren's display of what appeared to be the grossest hands in golf two years ago. They may not be taking blows like they do in the NFL, planting their feet and charging like they do in the NBA, getting their teeth knocked out like they do in the NHL, but hitting balls all day on the range may wear you out. Don't trust us? Let's look at the photo of Alex Noren hands once more.

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Alex Noren Hands

Ouch. Although Noren has experienced recent struggles on the course, at the time this picture was shot, he had advanced all the way to seventeenth place in the world. It is clear why. The man was working hard.

Image of Alex Noren hands
Alex Noren hands

The Dan Patrick Show

When "The Dan Patrick Show" cameras offered viewers a closer look at Jordan Spieth's calloused hands earlier this year, they gave Alex Noren hands some competition. Although not as hideous as Alex Noren hands, this one still looks quite torn up. We swear that golf is a sport!

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Image of Alex Noren hands
Alex Noren hands in "The Dan Patrick Show"

If those first two instances weren't sufficient, perhaps this one will. The European Tour posted a picture of Dutch amateur Koen Kouwenaar holding up his injured left hand on Friday. "Koen, you're frightening us" is all we can say in our best Billy Madison voice!

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So, Is Golf A Tought Sport?

Cripes. Take a day off, maybe, my guy. Kouwenaar is the 28th-ranked amateur in the world and opened with rounds of 68 and 70 at the KLM, so it appears that the effort is paying off. He shot six under through the opening 36 holes, despite that many of us wouldn't be able to grip a club with those hands. Please refer back to this article the next time you doubt the athleticism of golfers.

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