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Honma Golf Ball Review

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Image of Honma Golf Ball Review
Image of Honma A1 Golf Ball - Credit: Honma

Honma Golf Ball A1 Review

In this Honma golf ball review, Golfers Grid assesses the efficiency and value of Honma's A1 golf ball.

The multi-layer golf ball range of Japanese company Honma, known for its high-end golf clubs, has been expanded. Included in Honma golf ball assortment is the brand-new A1 Honma golf ball, which is built for players with slower swing speeds who need greater consistency and distance.

Honma Golf Ball A1 Composition

Image of Honma Golf Ball Review
Image of Honma A1 Golf Ball Design - Credit: Southamptom Golf

This two-piece Honma golf ball is made with a brand-new, ultra-soft rubber core that is around 20% lighter than the one in Honma's D1 ball.

Honma golf ball A1 design aims to lessen sidespin, which in turn lowers the likelihood of a slice.

Honma Golf Ball A1 Performance

We must admit that we were delightfully impressed by the ball's performance considering its modest cost. It's undoubtedly one of the most affordable golf balls on the market.

The ball felt incredibly soft off the clubface on long-game strokes, and the 368-dimple pattern helped it fly high and straight.

The Honma golf ball A1 will undoubtedly help golfers who are having trouble finding distance because slicing off the tee, a prevalent issue that may plague most of us, went mostly overlooked.

Honma Golf Ball A1 Control

Handling greenside shots was a little challenging since, as we saw, this ball has a lot of runs. This challenge will be exacerbated throughout the summer when the ground is especially dry and springy.

Overall though, for amateur golfers or those with a sluggish swing speed, the absence of short-game control is a compromise worth making because this ball does have enough excellent features to help them.

It's also important to note that a single straight line on the ball can be used as an alignment tool when putting. Honma golf balls' 368-dimple pattern effectively minimizes drag, leading to straighter shots. The Honma A1 balls might be suitable for you if you struggle with a slice.

Honma Golf Ball A1 Color Range

Image of Honma Golf Ball Review
Image of Honma Ai Golf Ball Assortment

In addition to yellow, white, or orange, this ball is also offered in a multipack that includes pink.

The iridescent colors are an occasional treat, and performance notwithstanding, the feel and look of these Honma golf balls do require some getting used to.

Honma Golf Ball A1 Verdict

In this Honma golf ball review, we conclude that Honma golf ball A1 have a soft rubber core that performs nicely off the driver's face and has a good bounce that results in excellent energy transfer and retention.

They produce a lot of runs, a great feature if you are hitting or driving the ball off the deck, though it makes these balls extremely difficult to control on short approaches.


  • Excellent for players with slow swing speeds

  • Encourages direct shots

  • Great price point


  • Less ideal for springy and dry grass

  • Challenge in controlling the ball in a short game


If you like a soft feel or have a slow to medium swing speed, these Honma golf balls would be a wonderful option. The short game is the only drawback we see with these balls.

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