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Tour Edge Exotics Driver - Hybrid Review

Image of Edge Exotics Driver

Tour Edge Exotics Driver

The incredibly forgiving Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver may be used by players of any skill level. Excellent impact sound and mid-spin and high-to-mid launch. Most people recognize Tour Edge Exotics for their tour-style golf clubs. It's implied in the name, and their performance on professional tours has supported it.

That notwithstanding, just because their clubs are excellent for professionals doesn't mean they can't also design high-performance equipment for amateur golfers. You get a driver like the E722 driver when company adjusts its distinctive technologies for the typical golfer.

Tour Edge Exotics Driver Looks

Image of Edge Exotics Driver
Image of Edge Exotics Driver's Sole

A minor optical illusion materializes from Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver's asymmetrical carbon fiber plates in the crown. Although the toe-side plate is much wider than the head, which is almost perfectly spherical, the driver appears to be pear-shaped.

The E722 is a typical contemporary driver that is slightly longer from front to back in terms of dimensions. The E722 is a typical contemporary driver that is slightly longer from front to back in terms of dimensions.

You can see that the carbon fiber panels extend around to the sole of the club by turning it over. There is clear Tour Edge Exotics 2021 logo running down the center of the sole. High MOI was the design's goal, which is highlighted by a significant weight at the back of the skull.

Tour Edge Exotics Driver Sound and Feel

The E722 and C722 both have similar sounds with a few little changes. In the E722, the impact sound is still dominated by the same "crac" but it is a little lower pitched and quieter. This might be the effect of the sole having a single weight port.

Similar to the C722, the hands-on feedback is extremely accurate. You'll be able to pinpoint exactly where the ball collided with the face if you're paying attention at all. It's impressive to get this response from such a solid driver.

Tour Edge Exotics Driver Performance

Image of Edge Exotics Driver
Image of Edge Exotics Driver's Face

Although the Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver has an adjustable hosel like its sibling, it forgoes the Front/Back Weighting System in favor of a higher MOI. The MOI of the E722 driver is pushed to 5500 g/cm2 by a single 30-gram weight at the rear of the head.

Greater stability and greater forgiveness result from higher MOI. The high MOI and TEE's distinguishing innovations result in a driver that delivers remarkably consistent results.

Tour Edge Exotics Driver Verdict

With the E722 driver, every performance metric—ball speed, distance, launch, spin, and angle—is extremely stable. The E722 is a must have this year if forgiving is at the top of your wish list.

Upon testing, the C722 driver seemed a little more comfortable than the E722 driver, which is why it generated better results. The position of the CG may significantly affect how a club feels. However, given how reliable the E722 driver is, it is the best performing driver.

Players have many shaft options with Tour Edge Exotics' C722 and E722 drivers. The company sells the TENSEI Orange, Blue and White from Mitsubishi Chemicals. Both 65- and 75-gram versions of the latter two are available.

Lightweight gamers can purchase the Air Speeder from Fujikura. There are also Ventus Blueand Ventus Red options.


The Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver is a must-try for golfers that place a premium on consistency and forgiveness. Although this club has adequate distance, its consistency is what really sets it apart.

You'll have a terrific year off the tee if it is fitted properly with the correct shaft and loft. Also peruse tour edge exotics ex10 driver review and tour edge exotics c721 driver reviews.

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