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10 Best Golf Courses in the US

When choosing a golf course in the United States for an 18-hole round, you have an abundance of options.

The nation is home to some of the top golf courses in the world, and many professional golfers and celebrities alike have played on these exclusive courses. Here are the top 10 best golf course near me in the United States.

10. Island Fishers

Source: Fishers Island

This golf course, which is located on an island off the coast of Connecticut, is the superb creation of architect Seth Raynor.

Its distinctive features include steeply banked bunkers, tumbling topography, and geometric greens.

It is both stunning and difficult. There are no fewer than two Redan greens on this golf course, and the third through fifth holes are exhilarating.

Course Stats: Par 70/Points: 66.4734, 6,615 Yards

9. Pebble Beach

Source: Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is significantly more impressive than Cypress Point while sharing the same gorgeous beachfront view.

It features some of the most notable stretches and holes, like a bluff that rises 75 feet above a sea bay. Most recently, it made hosted the 2019 U.S. Open. It bears best golf course.

Course stats: Par 72/Points: 67.3575, 7,075 Yards

8. Merion Golf Club (East)

Source: Merion East

The first of two golf courses that use this club is Merion East. Hugh Wilson designed the Merion East in 1912 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It features prominently in the best golf course images.

The golf course has several challenging features, including gravely varying hole lengths, an abandoned stone quarry and creeks, and wavy fairways.

The course has in the past hosted U.S. Opens, notably Bob Jones' 1930 victory that sealed the Grand Slam.

Course Stats: Par 70/Points: 67.6807, 6,996 Yards

7. Oakmont (P.A.) C.C.

Source: Oakmont C.C.

To truly understand what makes this golf course so incredibly entertaining and tricky, you must try an airborne shot on it.

The golf course has a few trees and bodies of water, as well as a variety of greens and bunkers. The best golf course wallpapers can be sourced here.

At this flattest and mealiest course, where all types of handicaps are put to the test, wind direction and gusts play a vital role as well.

Course stats: Par 71/Points: 68.9795, 7,255 Yards

6. Sand Hills

Source: Sand Hills

One of the newest golf courses on this list is arguably Sand Hills, a creation of Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore in 1995.

The sloping terrain at Mullen, Nebraska, served as inspiration for its designers. It is one of the best golf course Cabo.

The natural topography of the area remained preserved with incredible care, allowing the wind to mold the bunkers.

Course stats: Par 71/Points: 66.4208, 7,089 Yards

5. National Golf Links of America

Source: The NGLA

Seth Raynor, a well-known architect, made his career debut with this golf course. Initially, C.B. McDonald planned the course to follow the rules of the opulent old British holes.

Since it opened in 1911, The National Golf Links of America has earned a reputation as one of the country's most prestigious golf facilities.

Additionally, two Walker tournaments were held there. It is still regarded as a master class in strategic thinking.

Course statistics: Par 72/67.3821 points, 6,935 Yards

4. Augusta National

Source: The Augusta National

The Augusta National is one of the most well-known greens in the United States.

Although the course is frequently modified for competitiveness, its stunning natural beauty has not been lost.

The golf course opened in 1933 and has hosted the Masters' Tournament every year since. It is the best golf course in Washington state.

Course stats: Par 72/Points: 71.8240, 7,475 Yards

3. Shinnecock Hills

Source: Shinnecock Hills

Although the great William Flynn created other golf courses, Shinnecock Hills is still regarded as his best.

The golf course, which is located in Southampton, New York, is renowned for its expansive setting and beautiful rough and greens.

Since 1986, it has hosted five U.S. Opens, 2018 being the most recent event.

Course stats: Par 70/Points: 69.5265, 7,445 Yards

2. Cypress Point Club

Source: Cypress Point Club

One of the most beautiful golf courses in the United States is Cypress Point Club thanks to the view of Pebble Beach, California's magnificent, choppy ocean line.

Alister Mackenzie, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, designed it in 1928. Its aerial view is the best golf course wallpaper.

In addition to having one of the most stunning walks, it also has a special course layout with back-to-back par 3s and par 5s for an added challenge. It is the best golf course in California and the best golf course in northern California.

Course stats: Par 72/Points: 69.9692, 6,524 Yards

1. Pine Valley G.C.

Source: Pine Valley

George Arthur Crump, a hotelier and golf enthusiast, designed the Pine Valley Golf Course in 1918 in Pine Valley, New Jersey.

It was known as the most difficult golf course ever when it originally opened, and many people still think it is the hardest.

It is a true test for any seasoned player because of its excellent greens and harsh hazards.

Pine Valley is consistently ranked at the top of Golfers Grid's ranking of the top 100 best golf courses in the world.

Course Stats; Par 70/Points: 72.1554, 7,181 Yards

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