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What Is Tiger Woods' Net Worth 2022?

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Tiger Woods Celebrating
Image of Golfer Swing Speed Source: Twitter| Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Worth 2022

Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer of all time, having won fifteen major titles and whooping 110 professional tournaments globally. Let us delve into Tiger Woods golfer net worth 2022.

With an estimated net worth of $800 million, Tiger Woods net worth 2022 makes him the richest active golfer worldwide. A year later, the golfer went to win his fifteenth Major during the 2019 Masters and claimed his 82nd PGA Tour title at the Zozo Championship in 2019.

Forbes estimates Tiger Woods golfer's nett worth 2022 to be not less than $1 billion, taking into account the golfer’s lifetime earnings. He becomes one of the three athlete billionaires – the other two are Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

According to Forbes, the fifteen-time Major winner earned $1.7 billion in endorsements alone since 1996 when he turned professional. Tiger Woods wealth surpassed the billion-mark in 2009. Tiger's net worth would have been mind-blowing had he accepted the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour.

The Californian native has claimed over one hundred and twenty million dollars on the PGA Tour, a figure that is almost thirty percent higher than what Phil Mickelson -the second-placed- has won. It is believed that Woods is solely responsible for the increment in prize money on the PGA Tour all through his career.

When Woods immersed himself into the realms of professional golf, Tom Lehman was the winner of the PGA Tour, topping the prize money list with 1.78 million dollars while Nick Price came in fiftieth with 402,000 dollars. Fast forward a decade later in 2016, Woods was topping the money list with 9.94 million dollars while the fiftieth -Richard Johnson – took home 1.56 million dollars.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021

In 2019, JB Holmes – 50th-placed – earned 2.15 million dollars while Rory McIlroy – the winner of FedEx Cup was just a few thousand shy of twenty-three million dollars owing to the fifteen-million bonus.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2022

Woods has sponsorship deals with TaylorMade, Nike, Bridgestone, GOLFTV, Monster, Vantelin Kowa, Upper Deck, Hero, Centinel Spine, and Full Swing Simulators. Collectively, these deals earned Woods an estimated sixty million dollars in revenue per year.

Forbes wrote that Woods is an approachable athlete with a diverse background that hit the right sport at the right time. Brands believe that they are getting an individual that both casual and traditional fans embrace.

It is believed that Woods also has sponsorship deals with Autograph, Rolex, and 2K Gaming, and additionally he is the co-owner of Popstroke. Popstroke is a casual dining and experiential golf concept that merges a dynamic competitive golfing environment with drinks and food.

Tiger Woods Wealth

The athlete also has stakes in Heard, and Full Swing, a software start-up in the hospitality industry. He has also been cited as a partner in a SPAC and he is an investor in NEXUS Luxury Collection, a group of resorts and clubs.

Woods has had a contract with Nike since he joined professional golf in 1996. Initially, he had signed a contract worth $40 million for five years, which went to $100 million for five more upon its renewal. In 2006, the Nike contract was reportedly worth between twenty and forty million dollars annually for eight years. His contract remains undisclosed since then.

Apex Marketing reported that Nike earned over twenty-three million dollars from screen time alone during his Masters' victory in 2019. The company has stuck with Woods throughout the years, which is after the withdrawal of the likes of Accenture, Gatorade, and AT&T following the 2019 high-profile scandal.

Tiger Woods Investments

Apart from endorsement and on-course incomes, Woods is also a restaurant owner, course designer, and investor in the event business with Tiger Woods Invitational, Hero World Challenge, Genesis Invitational, and Nexus Cup.

Image of Best Golfer of All Time
Image of Tiger Woods Investment Source: Pebble Beach Company

These investments are all geared toward supporting the TGR Foundation charity designed to provide educational resources to teachers and students. Read more to find out tiger woods caddy's net worth.


What is the worth of Tiger Woods place?

Tiger Wood's 9,000sqft mansion in Jupiter, Florida is worth $54 million

Is Tiger Woods mother still alive?

Yes, Tiger Wood's mother - Kultida Woods is still alive and resides in Florida in his son's mega-mansion. Tiger Woods mom net worth remains undisclosed.

Did tiger woods go to college?

Yes Tiger Woods went to college. He attended Stanford University for two years while playing golf. Wondering did Tiger Woods graduate from stanford? Yes he was a good student

What is Tiger woods size?

Tiger Woods measures 73 inches tall, equivalent to the total diameters of 45 goals balls

How much does Rolex pay Tiger woods?

Woods'relationship with Rolex began in 1997 and still runs. He earns $7 million a year.

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