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More PGA TOUR Superstore Locations

PGA Tour Superstore Locations

On the heels of excellent sales growth in 2021 and increased momentum in golf among diverse consumer categories, PGA Tour Superstore is broadening its store footprint.

The golf and tennis specialty company, PGA TOUR Superstore, expects to establish at least eight new locations in 2022, with the first one debuting on February 5 in Tampa, Florida.

Through its expansion, PGA TOUR Superstore will enter several new markets, including Rockville, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Philadelphia.

PGA Tour Superstore Growth

According to PGA Tour Superstore, its growth in 2021 surpassed that of the whole golf retail business.

Golf Datatech, a market research firm, showed 7% and 4% annual growth rates for the golf retail industry in October and November, respectively.

In those same months, PGA Tour Superstore recorded sales increases of 21% and 19%, respectively.

According to Dick Sullivan, the PGA Tour Superstore - president and CEO, "PGA TOUR Superstore completed more business in the first half of 2021 than we did in 2019, the previous best performance"

The CEO added, "It has been amazing to see new players having a good time and enjoying the game, and PGA TOUR Superstore is ideally suited to cater to their requirements through our online and in-store experiences."

PGA TOUR Superstore Demand

PGA TOUR Superstore claimed to have observed significant consumer interest in soft items, particularly among women.

Sales of women's clothing rose by 59% and those of women's shoes by 67% in 2021 compared to 2020, and PGA TOUR Superstore anticipates that these trends will continue in 2022.

According to the business, trends show a preference for a more laid-back lifestyle, with golf clothing growing more popular.

"Growing interest among women, junior, and beginner golfers will continue, and we're aligning our strategy accordingly while still focusing on our core avid golfers," said PGA Tour Superstore's Sullivan.

Golf Rounds Trend Nationally

As indicate , the game of golf industry has changed, and PGA Tour Superstore is committed to bolstering the shifts toward a more social, approachable, and inclusive game.

According to the National Golf Foundation, the number of rounds played nationwide in 2021 was approximately 4% higher than in 2020, totaling about 529 million rounds, the highest number of rounds ever played.

The change in the game's landscape is being driven by new audiences taking up the sport, such as millennials, women, and Gen Z.

Golfers are interested in the immersive in-store experiences offered by PGA Tour Superstore, which include enormous putting greens and interactive simulators.

PGA Tour Superstore Leadership Series

In 2021, the PGA Tour Superstore hosted the first Leadership Series in its stores in collaboration with First Teen, a community youth organization that helps children and teenagers develop their strength of character through golf.

This event served as proof of PGA TOUR Superstore's ongoing community impact. Through engaging seminars led by PGA Tour Superstore general managers, nearly 300 First Tee teenagers from across the nation uncovered their personal beliefs and leadership abilities.

Following that, 40 students were chosen to attend the inaugural Tee Leadership Summit/PGA Tour Superstore.

The Superstore chairman, Arthur M. Blank's West Creek Ranch in Montana served as the setting for the Summit, which was created to improve participant leadership skills via exciting outdoor and team-building activities.

TGA was pleased to announce that the PGA TOUR Superstore will offer its annual Fun Golf Series.

There are a lot of devoted golfers that play the sport for fun and pure enjoyment. To improve playing options for its members who are seeking a leisurely day on the course with family and friends, the TGA developed the Fun Golf Serie.

TGA PGA Superstore Tournaments

Over the past six years, thousands of TGA Members and their visitors, including men and women golfers of all ages and handicap levels, have joined in to take part in these informal, one-day outings that honor the recreational component of the game.

For many, it's the opportunity they've been seeking to enjoy the outdoors with others who share their interests while playing novel and fascinating courses—often exclusive clubs—at a reduced rate.

Walden on Lake Conroe, The Oaks as well as Canyons Courses at TPC San Antonio, Crown Colony Country Club, Shady Valley Country Club, Lantana Golf Club, The Rawls Course, and Bentwater Yacht & Country Club, to mention a few, have all sponsored Fun Golf events.

Every event in the Fun Golf Series offers a low-key, optional tournament with inclusive rules that are appropriate for all levels of golfers. Prizes are given in gross and net categories, with players flighted according to age and handicap.

Both competing in the tournament and submitting a scorecard are never mandatory. Anyone who registers for the Fun Golf event is welcome to come out and just take in a leisurely game on a fantastic course.

According to Kelly Kilgo, director of outreach for the TGA, "the TGA is particularly happy about having its inaugural Fun Golf presenting sponsor." "The Fun Golf Series began with just a few events every year, but we now offer 30 events every year all around the country.

Golfers who simply enjoy trying out various courses with friendly people will find Fun Golf to be the ideal environment. Fun Golf welcomes men and women of all ages and ability levels. PGA TOUR Superstore will have access to thousands of recreational players in Texas thanks to the Fun Golf Series.

The premier experience specialty retailer for golf in Texas is PGA TOUR Superstore. The largest selection of gear for men, women, and juniors is available at the PGA TOUR Superstore.

PGA Tour Superstore & Community

The PGA Tour Superstore is dedicated to helping people, having a positive impact on the communities in which they operate, and developing the game for everyone as part of its fundamental beliefs.

PGA TOUR Superstore now has six locations throughout the state of Texas, and it plans to keep growing in golf-focused communities there.

Arlington, San Antonio, and a third location in the Houston area are among the three additional Texas locations that the PGA TOUR Superstore just announced intentions to establish later this year.


How to get PGA Tour Superstore free shipping?

PGA Tour Superstore offers free shipping to orders exceeding minimum threshold. Check their app for free shipping and PGA Tour Superstore coupons.

Do PGA Tour Superstore coupons expire?

Some PGA Tour coupons have expiration date and it is printed on physical coupons or indicated on digital versions.

What is the PGA superstore near me?

There are 45 PGATour Superstore locations in the U.S, nineteen PGATour Superstore in the states of Arizona, Texas and Florida combined. Check Tour Superstore website to find one closest to them.

What are PGA superstore hours?

PGA Superstore hours are as follows:

Friday: PGA Superstore 10am-8pm

Monday: PGA Superstore10am-8pm

Saturday: PGA Superstore 9am-8pm

Sunday: PGA Superstore11am-6pm

Thursday: PGA Superstore10am-8pm

Tuesday: 10am-8pm PGA Superstore

Wednesday: PGA Superstore 10am-8pm

Do PGA Superstores sell used clubs?

Yes, PGA Superstore trade in program allows it to sell second-hand golf gears and equipment

How many PGA TOUR Superstore locations are there? 54 locations

How many PGA Superstores are there in the United States? 45 locations

Where is PGA Superstore headquarters? Roswell, Georgia, United States Is there a PGA superstore in Kansas City? Yes. Greenwood Village Store · 9451 East Arapahoe Road

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