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What Is LIV Golf Tour: Crass Money Grab or Bold Novel Venture?

Even the top golfers disagree over the new Saudi-funded tour's merits, including ex-president Donald Trump. But this is everything you need to know as it prepares its expansion for 2023.

The talk of golf is the new Saudi-funded, contentious LIV Golf series, which will make its first of two planned appearances this week at Donald J. Trump's golf clubs. Nevertheless, not necessarily in the ways that its planners had anticipated.

What is LIV golf then? Who are the LIV golf players? How can you watch LIV golf? What is the LIV golf controversy? Below is all that you should know about LIV golf.

What is LIV Golf?

Through large payouts, A-list players, and slick marketing, the new series, funded by Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, has positioned itself as "an opportunity to revive golf." One of its slogans is "Golf but louder."

The PGA Tour has been the highest level of professional golf for almost a century. LIV Golf's promoters want to market it as a player-power-focused substitute. Some of the finest players in the world are among its detractors, who call it an unsightly money grab.

How Much Money Is At Stake?

The LIV Golf competitions are the most lucrative golf tournaments ever held; every regular-season tournament's overall payout is $25 million, with a $20 million prize pool for the individual competition and $5 million more to be shared in the team event. At each stop, the winner receives $4 million, and the last place earns a fixed $120,000 prize.

Additionally, there are signing-on bonuses and appearance fees that each player has chosen to accept. The highest-ranked golfer to ink the contract, Dustin Johnson, reportedly considered a $150 million offer, while Phil Mickelson reportedly receives $200 million for participating.

Patrick Reed and Bryson DeChambeau, two further great golfers signed before the Oregon LIV event, will receive similar payouts to leave PGA.

Who are the LIV Golf Players?

The 48 competitors in the inaugural LIV Golf competition weren't exactly golf's elite. Of course, there were well-known figures and former major champions who were familiar to regular pro golf viewers: Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Louis Oosthuizen, Graeme McDowell, and Ian Poulter are some of these golfers.

More names keep popping up: Henrik Stenson, the European Ryder Cup captain, lost his position in mid-July, just hours before he announced his admittance to the series.

Nevertheless, many of the most well-known golfers skipped. According to Forbes, Tiger Woods declined a roughly $1 billion offer, and Rory McIlroy has explicitly and consistently repulsed the LIV golf concept.

And even the most ardent golf fans probably don't know many of the LIV players: For instance, before joining, American James Piot had only previously competed in one of four golf majors and had failed to qualify there.

When the PGA Circuit kicked out all the rebels in June, just 17 members of the LIV Golf Series were punished because not everyone is a member of the PGA tour.

What is LIV Golf Format?

With three rounds rather than four and only 48 competitors instead of the PGA Tour's rosters, which may be 30 % higher sometimes weeks, LIV Golf has created what are shorter events with smaller greens and simultaneous team and individual play events.

Every round begins with a shotgun start, which means that competitors tee off from every hole on the course simultaneously and then move around the layout of the course from there since there is no cut-off halfway through the competition to whack off the laggards.

In many aspects, the LIV Golf single event will resemble a standard golf competition: three rounds, the golfer with the least score wins. The participants in the team competition will be picked by their captains.

How is LIV Golf Different from the PGA Tour?

With a few notable exceptions, PGA Tour Liv competitions typically feature four rounds of matchplay wherein golfers compete to produce the lowest score.

The objective of LIV Golf, which is to complete the 18-hole course in the fewest number of shots, may seem strange to fans and players alike.

How Many LIV Golf Events are There?

There will be eight even in 2022 but the series' organizers have declared plans to increase the number to 14 next year. A regular season consists of seven LIV Golf events with the eighth game being a team championship.

The team championship will take place in Florida at a different Trump-owned course in four rounds in a three-day seeded match play. Each of the season-ending tournaments offers qualified participants a cash prize of at least $1 million.

According to LIV Golf, it will organize 14 tournaments in 2023, with a greater prize fund.

It was probably noteworthy, though, that the league's statement on the 2023 schedule steered clear of the four major championships, and international team competitions scheduled for 2023 (specifically the 2023 Ryder Cup).

The scheduling decisions, according to LIV Golf, are being made "so the finest players in the game will always be able to make their own decisions about where to play," allowing both current members and potential recruits to participate in both.

It's uncertain whether the Ryder Cup will be as accommodating to Saudi tour's golfers.

What is with the name - LIV?

LIV Golf's name was chosen from Roman numerals. LIV, the number of holes each player will compete in each event's three rounds, is translated to 54. Although there is one less round than the standard PGA Tour workweek, the salary is significantly higher.

How can I watch LIV Golf?

Despite having well-known players and substantial financial support, LIV Golf has not yet signed a deal for broadcast rights in America, the most profitable market for live sporting events.

Instead, it will be available on less popular streaming services globally. However, that doesn't imply you cannot watch LIV Golf in the US. You can follow the event live on, Facebook, and YouTube.

In a normal scenario, broadcasters would have leaped at the opportunity to broadcast live sports during off-peak seasons. However, a nine-year PGA pact with CBS, ESPN, NBC, and Amazon worth millions of dollars means that their hands are full.

However, experience tells us that if LIV Golf does succeed, substantial licensing agreements won't be too far away. Live sports are pretty much the only content that draws sizable, affluent audiences anymore as people continue to gradually stop watching pay television.

Live sports are one of the finest ways to attract new customers and hold onto existing ones, and the streaming services that are pulling those users away are aware of this.


Similar controversy rocked football following the entry of the Saudi-fund-backed owners in the Premier League. It is difficult to speculate what will happen in the future. We can only wait. We will keep updating you on recent developments.


How to watch liv golf?

If you are wondering how to watch liv golf tour we’ve got you. You can watch LIV golf through Facebook, YouTube and These are the most reliable golf channel liv.

What does LIV stand for in golf?

LIV infers to the roman numerals and stands for 54, the number of rounds in a tournament

How much did Dustin Johnson get from Liv?

Dustin Johnson amassed a whooping $18 million dollars after winning the championship

How much did each player win at Liv?

Each player is guaranteed $124,000 for participation in addition to appearances and sign-on bonusses.

How is LIV Golf different?

LIV Golf is different to be PGA because it has three rounds, one less than PGA- but with higher payout in liv golf purse.

What are LIV Golf fields?

LIV Golf is being played at Donald J. Trump Golf clubs.

Did Rickie Fowler go to LIV Golf?

Rickie Fowler LIV Golf prospects are high. Although he has not joined, he has left the door open.

What is the controversy behind PGA Championship Liv debate?

LIV golf plans to displace PGA as the elite competition.

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