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Average Handicap For PGA Tour Player

The amateur game is fundamentally based on the handicap system, unlike pro golf players. It enables equal opportunity competition between players of all ages, sexes, and skill levels.

To accurately depict an amateur golfer's current skill and performance level, the World Handicap System employs an average computation approach.

In a Stableford competition, a player with a 36 handicap and a player with a scratch handicap should both have an equal chance of winning despite the other having better pro golf swings.

The majority of players in amateur golf would not be able to compete without the handicap system, and the game would be far less enticing to such a wide range of people.

PGA Tour Player Handicap

Do PGA players have a handicap? There is no handicapping system in professional golf. Flat competition between professionals; no shots are taken. After 72 or 54 holes in matchplay, or after every individual hole in gameplay, the player with the highest gross score wins.

Some professional golfers maintain an unofficial handicap for pleasure or at their favorite club to give them a general sense of the number of shots to offer amateur buddies in friendly competitions. Golf pro players with handicaps have been as lower as plus (+)7.

Golf Handicap

What does a plus golf handicap mean? A player with a positive handicap adds shots to their final round score if they are good enough to have one. When calculating their net score at the end of a round when they played off +3, they added three shots to their total score.

They would have to provide a total of eight shots if they were competing against, perhaps, a player with a 5 handicap (who subtracts 5 shots from their gross score after a round to give their net score).

Average Golf Handicap

What is the typical PGA Tour player's handicap? The best of the best compete on the PGA Tour. The PGA player shots show that they are a few competitive levels above the elite amateur

It would be expected to have a handicap substantially better than that if you assume that a top amateur will have a handicap of about the +3 to +6 mark.

The Golf Stat Pro Lou Stagner, a golf handicap app, calculated the Handicap Index players' positions with the Course Rating and Slope Rating on the scorecard for the course during that period a few years ago using data from the PGA Tour from 2016 to 2020.

It revealed that at the time, PGA Tour players had a +5.4 Handicap Index on average.

Rickie Fowler had the best index during that time, at +8.4, 1998 PGA player of the year, Mark O'Meara, and Dustin Jordan Spieth, Johnson, and Brooks Koepka had the best average index over the four years, at +6.5. Julius Boros, the oldest PGA player to win a major even had a better handicap.

When you take into account that the calculations didn't account for the tournament setup—faster greens, rougher, vice pro golf balls, and challenging pin positions—those numbers become even more amazing.

The handicaps of PGA Tour players might be at least one or two shots lower if things were taken into account. The PGA Tour frequently emphasizes that these men are excellent thanks to their precision pro golf.


Do PGA pros have a handicap?

Yes but not for competitive purposes

What is the average handicap for a pro golfer?

Average handicap for a pro golf player is +5.4

Who has the lowest handicap on the PGA Tour?

Tiger Woods has the lowest handicap of +8

What handicap are PGA players?

The is no handicap system in PGA

How is PGA handicap calculated?

Handicap differential = (Adjusted Gross Score - Course Rating) X 113 / Course slope ratings.

What is a 95% playing handicap?

Handicap allowance is 95%

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