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Augusta National Golf Course - Five Things You Did Not Know

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Augusta National Golf Course

Arguably the most famed golf course in the world is Augusta National. Millions of people throughout the globe wish they could only set foot on the course.

It can be challenging to properly comprehend the impact Augusta National has had on the game of golf because there is so much history surrounding Augusta National Golf Club map.

We have the answers to your questions about the ownership of Augusta Golf Course and the membership structure. Read through to discover a few little-known facts about Augusta National Golf Course.

Who is the Owner of Augusta National Golf Course?

Image of augusta national golf course pictures
Image of Map of Augusta National Golf Course - Credit: Leonard Kamsler/Getty Images

Augusta National, Inc. is the owner of Augusta National Golf Course. When the course was first developed in Georgia in 1935, a for-profit organization called The Augusta National, Inc. was established.

Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones were Augusta National's original owners. These individuals were the architects of the layout of Augusta National Golf Club, delivering a masterpiece that completely altered the trajectory of golf history for all time.

In contrast to most private golf courses, Augusta National is not owned by Augusta National Golf Club members. This sports club isn't your typical equity club.

Who Are Members of Augusta National Golf Club?

Image of augusta national golf course pictures
Image of Augusta National Premises Credit: Facebook | The Golfer's Bible

You must be invited to Augusta to enter, and invitations are difficult to come by. Once accepted, you will still be required to contribute a sizeable sum of money toward the initiation cost and yearly dues. The cost to play at augusta national golf course is variable.

Most of this information—including how much the club costs and how much each member pays on an annual basis—is kept from the public.

The augusta national golf club membership cost was reportedly over $200,000 the previous time it was made available, and the annual dues were reportedly approximately $30,000.

It's likely that if you get the invitation to join Augusta National, you won't have any trouble paying these exorbitant costs.

Most of the individuals of this elite group, including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, are among the richest individuals nationally.

What Is The Net Value of Augusta National Golf Course?

Image of Golfers At National Augusta Course
Image of Golfers At National Augusta Course - Credit: Facebook | Country Club International

The Augusta National Golf Course's property has grown to be fairly valuable over time. The estimated value of the property stands at $85,000,000.

You might not fully appreciate what makes Augusta National unique if you are new to the game of golf.

One of the four major tournaments on the PGA Tour, the Masters Tournament is held annually at Augusta National.

The Masters Tournament is always held at Augusta, unlike other competitions that switch venues every year.

This has ensured that players continue to fall in love with the greens year after year and truly master each and every hole.

DId You Know...

There is no denying that golfers are passionate about learning as much as they can about Augusta and exactly how it came to be the way it is.

There is a ton of information available, and the history book becomes bigger every time we hold a new Masters Tournament.

Here are some of the most fascinating details about Augusta National Golf Course so you can see why you should watch the next Masters tournament.

1. Are Professional Golfers Automatic Members of The Club?

You will enjoy your very amazing green jacket for the rest of your life if you win the Masters Championship. However, what the victory won’t guarantee you is a golf course membership.

Once more, being a member of the club requires an invitation, and you will not automatically receive one after winning the Masters Tournament.

Your odds of being accepted to join Augusta if you play professional golf are not very good.

Only two professional players have ever received an invitation to join Augusta National - Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus thanks to the lower scores on Augusta National Golf Club scorecard.

2. Are There Presidents With Membership To The Club?

There has only ever been one president who belongs to Augusta - Dwight David Eisenhower.

Eisenhower played golf pretty seriously and probably enjoyed it as much as the typical golf fan. He was an excellent golfer and played whenever he had the chance.

The President sought to play at Augusta frequently and made the most of his membership. Augusta never extended a membership invitation to another president after he joined.

This, in our opinion, has a lot to do with the political ramifications of requesting someone to join Augusta.

3. Why Is Clifford Roberts’s Death So Controversial?

Image of National Augusta Pictures
Image of National Augusta Premises - Credit: Facebook | The Bandit Golf Club

There are numerous rumors regarding Clifford Roberts' passing. Numerous news stories and media attempt to make a big deal out of Clifford Roberts' cause and manner of passing.

The fuss is because Roberts passed away when he was in Augusta. Along with Jones, Roberts was one of the founding members of Augusta.

He made the Masters and Augusta National iconic in the golf world while residing there and managing them.

As Roberts grew older, he began to slow down, lost his ability to play golf as often, and eventually became seriously ill before opting to end his life.

He went to the augusta national golf club pro shop, took a clean shave and went to the woods where he committed suicide.

4. Is The Masters Tournament Held Annually?

Despite the widespread belief that the Masters Tournament has been held every year, this is untrue.

A golf tournament didn't seem fitting given how much the nation was working to keep things safe, secure, and moving forward during World War II. In fact, the golf course was turned into a pasture during this time so that cattle could wander freely.

The animals contributed to an increase in the country's supply of beef, which was exactly what was necessary. Every year there has been a Masters Tournament except for these few.

2020's Covid crisis made it seem as though the Masters may be postponed for another year. The competition was ultimately held in the fall, though.

5. What Is The History Behind The Three Bridges In Augusta National Golf Course?

Augusta National Golf course Pictures
Augusta National Golf course Pictures

At the Masters, three bridges are devoted to professional golfers. The Hogan Bridge, the Nelson Bridge, and the Sarazen Bridge are the three bridges.

Gene Sarazen, who shot a double eagle on hole fifteen in 1935 while the Masters was just getting underway, is honored with the Sarazen Bridge, which bears his name.

After setting a new record at Augusta in 1953, Ben Hogan was honored with a bridge on the number 12 hole.

The Byron Nelson Bridge, which is located on 13th Street, was built in honor of Nelson's 1937 victory.

The three bridges give the Masters such a unique character, and there are countless photos of the greatest players on the planet crossing them.


The Augusta National Golf Course is unquestionably the most prestigious and famous nationally and the status quo will prevail for quite some time.


How many acres is Augusta National Golf Club?

The golf course is so expansive. It measures 345 acres in total.

How old is Augusta National Golf Club?

Augusta is about 92 years old, having been opened to select members in 1932

Who are the current members of Augusta National Golf Club?

The club does not share the list of its members to the club, but some of the prominent figures known to be members of the club include Warren Buffett, Pete Coors, David Farr, and Bill Gates.

What is the membership fee for Augusta National Golf Club?

The club’s initiation fee after receiving an invitation is $200,000 while subscription fee stands at $30,000 monthly.

How many members are in Augusta National Golf Club?

At any given point, the membership to the clubs stands at roughly 300

How many miles to walk augusta national golf course?

You will need to walk fine miles or 11,000 steps roughly

Where is augusta national golf course?

2604 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30904, USA

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