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Golf Gear Maintenance: 7 Tips To Make Your Golf Gear Last Longer 2022

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Image of Golf Gears
Image of Golf Wears

It is only reasonable to ensure your hard-earned money last as long as possible and the same mindset should apply to our golf gear.

In the article, Golfers Grid takes a look at 7 tips to extend the lifespan of your golfing gears whether it is clubs, gloves, or shoes.

1. Wedges

Image of Golf Gears
Image of a Golfer Carrying a Driver

It is a no-brainer that your old model won’t deliver as much spin as a new wedge. Grooves wear down and get filled with lots of materials, from sand and mud to grass and subsequently reducing the degree of spin generated and ultimately the ball flight. Guard your wedge against such degradation.

One way of preventing your wedges from wearing down is to avoid hitting hard-range balls using a lofted club set aside specifically for your short game. If you practice short games often, consider using a relatively older wedge rather than the one currently in your bag.

Of course, it is understandable that not every golfer has multiple lob wedges specifically for practice, but if that is the case, it will do you good.

2. Cleaning Grips

Image of Golf Gears
Image of golf Balls

Cleaning your golf grips with hot, soapy water will give your clubs a new lease of life. Since your hands are the only point of contact, you can achieve a thorough clean at least every month.

3. Headcovers

Image of Golf Gears
Image of Golf Gears

On clubs, wear and tear is something you cannot avoid but you can reduce the rate using headcovers, particularly on putters and drivers.

Take the headcovers off when it rains to allow your gears dry before you fix them on your club. This will prevent your clubs from rusting following hours of exposure to moisture.

4. Gloves

Image of Golf Gears
Image of a Golfer Carrying A Driver

Do not take your new gloves with you to practice. Get a pair or two of wet weather glovers if you find yourself playing in bad weather regularly. These gloves will assist you in maintaining your grip in swings as they offer more traction as wetness increases.

After playing in bad weather, do not put your cold gloves on a radiator. The heat the radiator generates will harden the leather. Let those gloves dry naturally.

5. Driver Fitting

Image of Golf Gears
Image of Golf Gears

If you have out of love with a driver you recently purchased, it would be ingenious of you to pay your professional a visit to get a retrospective fitting. You could have tinkered with the setup – maybe the lie or loft.

Rather than spend more, have your driver checked and your love for it will balloon within no time.

6. Balls

Image of Golf Gears
Image of Golf Balls In a Golf Course

It is logical to practice your short game with the balls you usually use on the course.

Don’t practice with new balls; have at least three balls specifically set aside for honing your game. Let the fresh set of balls be for that special game.

7. Golf Shoes

Image of Golf Gears
Image of a Golfer In The Greens

The best tip for maintaining your best golf shoes should be doing a quick clean using baby wipes after every round. Same as gloves, let your shoes dry naturally when they get wet. Avoid placing them on a radiator.

Use socks or a shoe tree to stuff into your shoes’ toes to prevent the cracking up of the leather around the toe area.


How long should a golf driver last?

A golf driver should last between 3 to 5 years, according to the general guideline. If you play between 30 to 40 rounds annually, consider replacing your driver after five years.

How many rounds of golf should a driver last?

Under heavy use, a golf driver from a reputable manufacturer should last at least five years. As such, with an average of forty rounds a year, a golf should last at least 200 rounds.

How do I stop my golf drive from fading?

Avoid overly exposing the face on impact. Let the contact be as brief as possible to reduce the size of contact.

Do drivers lose distance over time?

Admittedly yes. Drivers lose distance with time and it is the reason the need to be replaced periodically.

Why do I always fade my drivers?

Drivers fade because you keep hitting the ball on the inside of the club face. Avoid hitting on the inside and hit the ball to the right for right-handed golfers.

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