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Best Golf Ball for Beginners Review

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2022

If you are a beginner in the golf sport, you are undoubtedly looking for a golf ball and golf beginner driver that not only delivers decent performance but also does not break the bank.

It is critical noting that beginner golfers do not have the same power, technique, and swing speed as some more seasoned golfers. It means there are a set of golf balls on the market that beginner golfers would surely want to avoid. Our golf beginner guide will help you navigate through these concerns.

Some beginner golfers may prefer using some of the very best golf balls available on the market right from the outset. However, many opt to invest cautiously early on in their golfing careers.

As such while appreciating that the needs of beginner golfers vary, the basic requirements are a golf ball that helps you improve your hitting distance, optimize your shot accuracy, and a price that does not dent your pocket too much.

Appreciating that, below is a guide on the best golf ball for beginner golfers and is full of golf beginner tips when selecting best type of golf ball for beginners.

We also do recommend reviewing related golf ball guides, such as best value golf balls, golf beginner drivers, best golf balls for cold weather, how to golf beginner, best distance golf balls, or best golf balls for slow swings. What is the best golf ball for beginners?

What Is the Best Golf Ball for Beginners?

1. Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Velocity Tour Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Product Specifications
  • Colors: I (White)

  • Construction: Two-piec


The exceedingly low-compression Wilson golf ball delivers extreme distance thanks to the hardened ionomer cover material. It enhances ball trajectory for optimum roll and yardage, allowing golfers to register big lengths from their shots from their disc golf beginner sets.

Through testing, we vouch that this ball will surely deliver and is the best type of golf ball for beginners. Wilson’s aerodynamic dimple pattern enhances the power potential a player can attain from the tee. As well, anyone - even the not-so-big hitters – can send these balls far away.

And while it may be tempting to unleash all your firepower on these balls from your disc golf beginner set, we found them to be highly durable and barely marked up, even when the tee of our golf club scuffed them, or when they veered off the cart path.

Even though the Wilson Distance is a low-compression ball, there is the aspect of greenside playability thanks to its mid-compression, helping players to have greater control over their short game and ball direction.

The Wilson Velocity Distance is among the best-value golf balls because of the three extra balls it comes within each set. While most brands offer only 12 balls per box, we were astonished to find 15 in Wilson’s package. In summary, it is an excellent golf ball that will help recreational golfers attain optimum distances.


  • Exceptional value for beginners

  • Comes with power-enhancing dimple patterns

  • Very durable

  • Excellent distance all-round


Cover may feel excessively hard on putts

2. Titleist Trufeel 2022 Golf Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Titleist Trufeel Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Product Specifications
  • Colors: 3 (Yellow, red, and white)

  • Construction: Two Piece


Titleist TruFeel is among the softest golf balls within the Titleist range and a brilliant and best type of golf ball for beginners. The Titleist brand decided to give this ball a significant upgrade in 2022 and it is now an excellent option than ever before.

With a larger core and a new cover, golfers can achieve optimum distances without necessarily losing its softer feel on your disc golf beginner set.

Notably, the ball’s spin rate is much lower than its predecessor. That is great news for beginners because it delivers more consistent, stronger ball flight and enables players to achieve greater distances. Moreover, for those that prefer a relatively softer feel on the greens, this is the excellent balls approach shots and small chips onto the dance floor.

The ball comes in the shades of optic yellow, white and matte red. Furthermore, you can check other balls in the brand’s range in Titleist golf balls and get more tips on how to golf beginner and golf beginner tips.

  • The least expensive option among premier golf brands

  • Soft feel and sound

  • Deliver great control

  • Limited driver distance on higher swing speeds

3. Callaway Warbird Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Callawy Warbird Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Product Specifications
  • Colors: 2(Yellow and white)

  • Construction: Two-piece


What is the best golf ball for beginners? The Callaway Warbird is synonymous with speed and distance. The latest ball seriously lives to that description. It employs two-piece construction with a high-energy, extra-large core to support large distances with a relatively higher launch at varying swing speeds.

All these sounds ideal for beginners that could struggle to get the ball up in the air and desire more distance. Furthermore, our testing revealed that there were extra yards achieved particularly on iron shots on the greens, making it best type of golf ball for beginners.

Notably, its firm and thin ionomer cover offers less control and check than a few may wish. On the contrary, we feel that the trade-off is worth it considering the potential gain in yardage. Golf beginner tips: consider pairing Callaway Warbird with the best Callaway driver to find out how far is your hit.

  • Softer combined with impressive distance

  • Reduced drag for added distance and hang time thanks to the HEX aerodynamic cover

  • Value for money

  • For some players, the balls won’t deliver sufficient spin on the greens

3. Srixon AD333 Golf Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Srixon AD333 Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Product Specifications
  • Colors: 2 (Yellow and White)

  • Construction: Two-piece


Srixon’s AD33 first entered the market in 2003 and the current offer is its ninth generation. The ball’s longevity confirms its righty enormous popularity. Considering the years, it is indisputably among the best Srixon golf balls and best type of golf ball for beginners as it not only justifies its premium price but also its performance.

The latest AD33 comes with an enhanced FastLayer Core that optimizes speed while maintaining lower spin because it is softer in the center and firmer at the edges. When close to the green, the Slide Ring Material (SeRM) and Spin Skin technology of Srixon enhance friction upon impact to make the most of spin.

Why and what is the best golf ball for beginners? Upon testing, we determined that this ball delivers longer distances and great ball flights. The ball felt springier and jumpier off the irons’ faces compared to the previous version, with a relatively quieter sound, leading to a softer feel.

On the green, we found the alignment stamp on the outside of the ball very impressive because it helped us enhance our consistency while aiming at the hole. It blends outstanding performance with durability and value to deliver a perfect golf ball for beginners seeking to get as much as possible from their hits.

Review the best Srixon goal balls for more details about the most reliable brands on the market and the best type of golf ball for beginners.

  • 17 years of all-round economical performance

  • Excellent for crosswinds

  • Cover tends to scuffer relatively quick than comparable options

4. Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Srixon UltiSoft Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Specifications
  • Color: 1 (White)

  • Construction: Two-piece


Srixon’s offer is relatively more expensive than other balls on the list but it is appealing for beginners that are happy to chuck more without investing in premium-priced balls. The Srixon UltiSoft has the lowest compression and it is the softest golf ball ever produced.

The highly innovative core generates a softer feel and optimizes energy transfer for long-game distance at impact. Whereas the ball is designed specifically for low to medium-swing speed golfers, its performance at faster swing speed is commendable.

Testing was conducted alongside a premium golf ball, and to be sincere, it was extremely hard to tell the difference from what we had anticipated. The distance was not only good but the low compression also limited sidespin and so was dispersion – attributes that beginners will find so useful.

On the greens, we established that it was soft enough to instill confidence in a range of shots. It's the best type of golf ball for beginners.

  • Softer feel on the greens

  • Delivers excellent distances

  • Perfect for fast swing beginners

  • A high trajectory may not work for all golfers

5. Carver Golf Balls

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Carver Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Specifications
  • Color: 1(White)

  • Construction: 3-piece


After testing various value golf balls through the years, it is exciting to find a new offering in the market that introduces something new to the golf game. It is not only a comparatively new brand but also an option that allows golfers to purchase its 3-piece, urethans-masked balls via a monthly subscription or as a one-off online purchase.

The relatively new and creative option is best type of golf ball for beginners or mid-handicap golfers, as it offers them an opportunity to go high-level without necessarily spending premiums.

Upon testing, the ball’s performance was impressive. The of-the-tee distance was great, and it delivered solid greenside spin control even in fast and firm summer conditions. The ball was so responsive and offered an amazing spin rate with our mid-range golf irons as well.

  • Exceptional green spin

  • The softer feel resembles aluminum-like balls

  • Excellent value for money

  • Wedge shots inflict scuff marks

  • Trade-off fast swings for distance

6. Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Volvik Power Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Specifications
  • Color: 5(White, green, yellow, red, and orange)

  • Construction: 2-piece


The Volvik Power Soft is a budget ball available in wide-ranging color options. Its large Power Core guarantees high off-the-face speeds for a strong performance because of the mid-high launch and low spin the ball delivers.

The relatively softer cover of the ball increases greenside control, a featured player seeking to sharpen their accuracy with wedges so much desire.

On our performance review, we were surprised by the ball’s output and consider it best type of golf ball for beginners. It proved to be competitive for the price tag because of its durability, greater feel for a two-piece ball, and sufficient spin to allow you to check it around and on the greens.

Moreover, the primary selling point of Volvik Power Soft is that it is available in all shades of neon to brighten up your vision. Meaning, it is just the right ball for players that often find themselves in the woods but also perfect for high handicap players and best type of golf ball for beginners.

  • Vibrant, vision-enhancing color options

  • Perfect for mid-range launches with the driver

  • It may feel firmer to come around and on the green

7. Inesis Soft 500 Golf Balls

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Inesis Soft 500 Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Specifications

  • Color: 6 (White, green, yellow, red, pink, and orange)

  • Construction: 2-piece


The Inesis Soft 500 offer an ultra-soft touch combined with exceptional performance, making it the ideal ball for beginners in the sport. With this ball, you can incorporate some personality into your game as it comes in six colors.

While Inesis supplies one of the best range finders, these balls are already durable and reliable to use. Perfect for beginner golfers with relatively slower swing speeds, just tee them and let them fly high. You do not need to be concerned if you lose some either!

They are highly affordable, with a twelve-ball pack going for less than similar versions on the market. As such, Inesis is a fantastic option for players that prefer to use new balls, but their budget is limited, and hence the best type of golf ball for beginners.

  • Nice feel on every shot

  • Astonishingly durable for the price

  • Limited spin check

8. Honma AI Golf Balls

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Honma AI Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Specifications
  • Color: 4 (White, yellow, red, and orange)

  • Construction: 2-piece


Even though Honma may be a brand at the super-premium end of the spectrum, the AI ball is lowly-priced and is an exceptional alternative for beginner golfers. Honma AI Golf Ball is not only lighter and softer than the D1 version of Honma, but it also lowers the sidespin and counters the much-feared slice that most beginners struggle to overcome.

From our testing, slicing went reasonably well, delivering strong and consistent flights in the air. As such, it is easy to conclude that an AI ball is a godsend for golfers committed to finding distance and is a best type of golf ball for beginners. Also, it is available in four colors, as well as multi-color – including pink!

  • Ultra-soft core to stop slices and lower side spins

  • Lowly priced for a premium brand

  • It may seem softer of the clubface to some

9. Pinnacle Rush Golf Ball

Image of Best Golf Ball for Beginners
Image of Pinnacle Rush Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Product Description
  • Color: 1 (White)

  • Construction: 2-piece


The Pinnacle brand has often been linked with excellent distance golf balls and its latest release, the Rush is not any different. The ball’s energetic core powers the performance and delivers faster speed balls.

Upon testing, we established that the ball produced high-quality distance with both our iron shots and our drivers into the greens. It delivers a great high flight without feeling loud or clicky, something expected from out-and-out distance balls.

The ball’s icosahedral dimple design promises a powerful, consistent ball flight without excessive spin. On the club face, it is relatively firm and barely dazzles around the greens or on approach shots. If you know what you want, the ball delivers in spades. Looking to gain a few extra yards? Review the best golf balls for a distance guide.

  • Nice overall feel

  • Great distance

  • 15 balls a pack is an added value

  • Perhaps a better option for cheaper balls

  • Barely support greenside spin

What to consider when picking the right golf ball

Considering the sheer number of golf ball brands available on the market today, selecting the perfect and top golf balls for beginners' needs can be overwhelming.

For beginners particularly, going through the myriad types and brands to select the right ball for your abilities can be a quite challenging task.

But do not be scared! Below is a. list of some of the key aspects to take into account when purchasing your next golf ball pack. Keep these points close when heading down to the store.

i. Durability

For beginner golf balls, durability is the most critical factor to take into account. Most often, cheaper models are not durable perhaps because their cover is from low-quality materials.

They did deliver great performance and for long as the premium models on the market. But if you can get inexpensive but durable balls, the better the value.

Consider checking offerings with firmer covers for more durable balls. They do not scrape or stain easily. However, if you value feel more than durability, go for softer covers.

ii. Short or long game?

What elements of the game are vital for golf ball beginners?? Are you focused on getting as much distance from your golf ball or would opt for a model that supports your short game to thrive because of its enhanced feel?

For those looking to add a few yards, select a firmer golf ball because of the reduced spin. For better control of greens, consider balls with a premium feel to get more stopping power around the dance floor.

iii. Color

Today, golf balls need not be necessarily white. Manufacturers are filling the market with balls of all shades. Do you struggle to track your golf balls for beginners? Do you play around forested areas?

Colored golf balls will surely help you track your balls in tricky situations and it means to prolong their life.

iv. Budget

In the beginner niche, you need to understand the various price points. Evaluate how much you are willing to spend before heading to the golf store to pick your preferred pack.

v. Number of balls

Considering how cheap most of the models are, it is easy to find deals that include around between 24 to 36 balls for a generous offer. Most beginners tend to lose their balls quickly and it is reasonable to get a pack that comes with as many balls as possible.

For further guidance about the best golf balls, review the best ball for handicappers, and golf beginner guide as well as the best golf balls for distance.


1. What are the best golf balls for lady beginners?

The best balls for lady beginners are Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway REVA Golf Ball., Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball, and Titleist Velocity Golf Ball.

2. What is the most forgiving golf ball?

If you are looking for the most forgiveness, these are your best golf ball options: Callaway 2021 ERC Soft Triple Track, Srixon AD333, Srixon Distance, TaylorMade Soft Response, Titleist TruFeel, and Titleist Velocity.

3. What are the worst golf balls for beginners?

Cheap balls are not ideal for beginners because they have fewer materials and offer only a single benefit to a golfer. Ensure you get balls that address multiple performance levels and functionality.

4. What kind of golf balls should beginners use?

Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway REVA Golf Ball., Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball, and Titleist Velocity Golf Ball are the best options for beginners.

5. Do golf balls make a difference for beginners?

Yes, they certainly make the difference. To avoid adapting your game to fit your balls, pick the right golf ball for your handicap.

6. What is the easiest golf ball to hit straight?

Titleist Velocity golf balls are made with the right technology to support faster speed and straighter swings.

7. Is Pro V1 a good ball for beginners?

Most professional trainers advise that beginners should avoid Pro V1 because the compression rating and premium price make these golf balls ideal for better players. Most beginners will achieve better performance with lower spinning and lower compression balls.

Review Process

Here at Golfers Grid, our beginner ball testing is based on a comprehensive process backed by the expertise and knowledge of the whole Golfer Grid test team. Marcus Ben, the Digital Editor, oversees all golf reviews and presently he is working with Titleist VIX.

In the process, before testing, the Golfer Grid team attends scheduled product launches and releases to meet R&D experts to get and understand the details behind each golf ball technology.

Using premium launch monitors, the team tests each ball to assess spin ratio, distance, and launch angles. All balls also undergo testing outdoors for a couple of rounds across the best golf course to determine performance under real-life conditions.

We consider every possible scenario on the field and put the ball to test against them. It should be noted that our reviews are independent and their findings are solely based on test results of each product.

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