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Callaway Warbird Ball Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Image of Callaway Warbird Ball Review
Image of Callaway Warbird Ball

A two-piece construction, a high energy core, and maximum speed and long distance are all features of the Warbird golf ball.

Along with all that distance, it also encourages high launch with control and feel. Grab the newest Callaway Warbird unless you do not plan to hit the ball farther.

Callaway Warbird Ball Description

Image of Callaway Warbird Ball Review
Image of Callaway Warbird Golf Ball Pack

With Callaway's newest model, the Warbird name is still very much intended to connote speed and distance in the brand's ball lineup. Callaway Warbird Ball Reviews will guide you in understand the features and benefits of Callaway brand of balls.

To promote distance with a high launch at various swing speeds, it features a two-piece construction with an expansive, high-energy core.

There's little doubt that you'd feel how much stiffer the Callaway Warbird ball feels off the face if you're accustomed to using a premium model.

Callaway Warbird Ball Reviews

It's difficult to dispute that gains in distance are possible with the driver because it felt quite hot and produced a strong ball flight with lots of spins.

The additional distance was considerably more noticeable when using irons and notably wedges.

It might take some time to get used to the extra 5 or 6 yards, but if you begin hitting the infrequent green, then you'll know the ball is somewhat doing its work.

Reason To Buy Callaway Warbird Ball

As a result of our experience, if you want to play this ball, you might need to recalculate the yardage for every club in your case.

What kind of short-game performance should you anticipate? You won't experience the same reaction as you would with a premium ball in terms of feel.

While it isn't as "grippy," Callaway claims that the ionomer cover enhances control and feel around the rounds, and there was evidence to prove this.

But there's enough feel there for the typical player to work with, and it showed to be fairly responsive between 100 and 120 yards.

Wedge shots did come to a stop very fast when the hit was clean. Again, there wasn't a lot of zip available, but there was some check.

The Warbird emblem, which has an arrow on either end of the letters, was helpful for orientation on the green itself. It may be more of an accident than a design, but you can still benefit from it.

Callaway Warbird Verdict

1. Long Distance

Designed for the fastest possible ball speed through the bag. At any swing speed, high-energy, the extra-large core is highly compressible to release more potential distance.

At any swing speed, high-energy, extra-large core is highly compressible to release more potential distance.

2. Long Carry and High Launch

HEX Aerodynamics lowers drag and encourages higher launch for greater hang time, speed, and distance.

3. Superior Control and Feel

In a 2-piece construction, the massive core and refined ionomer cover work together to produce excellent greenside control and feel.

Callaway Warbird Ball Reviews established that these features will become handy to beginner golfers, especially those seeking to increase their swing speed and gain some yardages.


Its resilience is outstanding. This ball may have easily scuffed on numerous occasions, yet it appears to be able to withstand the occasional errant shot without suffering too much damage.

Golfers Grid has conducted a comparative Callaway Warbird Ball Reviews. Check our archive to find the most reliable golf ball.

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