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Titleist Trufeel Golf Ball Review 2022

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Image of Titleist Golf Ball
Image of a Pack of Titleist Golf Balls

The Titleist TruFeel is the absolute cheapest ball in Titleist's lineup for 2022. In the titleist trufeel golf balls review, you're about to learn why it's not always true what many golfers believe—including me before I started doing tests for Golfers Grid, the cheaper the ball, the tougher it feels.

Titleist Trufeel Golf Balls Review

Image of Titleist Golf Ball
Image of Titleist Golf Ball

All of this sounds fantastic, doesn't it? The TruFeel is ultrasoft yet long in distance and with a wonderful feeling around the green. To accomplish this, Titleist increased the two-piece titleist trufeel golf balls' core size to 1.6 inches and was titleist trufeel compression.

The titleist trufeel golf balls offer more distance thanks to the incorporation of new, quicker rubber in the TruTouch core element. The titleist trufeel golf balls are the firmest one the brand sells and have a cover that is thinner than ever.

The titleist has 26 fewer tetrahedral dimples than the previous 2019 TruFeel version's 376, which is tiled spherically and design has immense impact on titleist trufeel compression. It comes in three colors: Yellow, White, and Matte Red (red is considered a lucky color in Asia).

Titleist Trufeel Looks

When compared to a Pro V1 or possibly even a Titleist Tour Speed, the TruFeel doesn't seem to be a premium product. Some golfers might discover that this subconsciously boosts their confidence.

From the 2019 TruFeel iteration, the alignment aid has been altered slightly; there are now six red lines, as opposed to the previous four. It has a really unusual design that will appeal to certain players who appreciate the thought of getting a little extra support.

Golfers may argue, but is the design concept not just a customized design feature rather than a genuine alignment aid? The design idea was initially based on input and findings from the titleist trufeel golf balls review customizer.

Titleist Trufeel Feel

The TruFeel has a lot softer sound while hitting the ball with drivers and irons since it is noticeably less "clicky" than the Velocity around the practice green. The TruFeel may be the ball to choose if the loud sound of a golf ball disturbs you because it feels nice.

TruFeel's control on the greens was particularly outstanding. You won't get a lot of spins, but you will have nice control and a soft feel.

Titleist Trufeel Evaluation

I discovered that the TruFeel was lower spinning when using the 7 iron than other Titleist balls in the 2022 lineup, but not as low spinning as the Titleist Velocity ball after testing and analysis of the data from the launch monitor.

Titleist trufeel vs callaway supersoft

Additionally, I discovered that my ball flight was higher than the callaway supersoft.

The biggest astonishment for me, though, was that the TruFeel ball traveled one club farther than the callaway supersoft in my irons, leading me to believe that it was more appropriate for my iron game given my swing speed. The data was the same during testing with my driver.

Titleist trufeel vs velocity

I tried out different pitch and chip shots within 50 yards of the greens, directly comparing how they felt to other balls. The results were impressive.

I wasn't receiving a lot of spin or check, but the feeling around the greens was lovely and softer than the Velocity, and I felt like I had control over the swing. For more info about Titleist trufeel vs velocity performance, read Golfers Grid titleist trufeel reviews.

Titleist trufeel vs trusoft

I wasn't receiving a lot of spin or check, but the feel around the greens was lovely and softer than the true soft, and I felt like I had control over the swing.

I was pleasantly surprised with this ball considering that a dozen costs £24. For more info about titleist trufeel vs tour soft performance, read Golfers Grid titleist trufeel reviews.

Titleist Trufeel verdict

For only £2 for every ball, you can have the feel around the greens and additional spin in your shots that will help the ball stay in the air longer. It was clear from its appearance and feel in my hands that this ball was far less expensive and high-quality than balls like the Callaway brand.

Despite this, the performance in my long game wasn't significantly different—in fact, it was better. The TruFeel ball loses distance when struck with a faster speed than I can manage, according to earlier tests on its performance.

I received all the gains and there were no drop-offs because my swing speed with the driver is 92 mph. If this describes you, the TruFeel should definitely be on your testing list considering its excellent pricing.

Which golfers are recommended to use titleist trufeel?

Golfers searching for a soft feel with enough spin to keep the ball in the air longer with the longer clubs and slower swing speeds will love the TruFeel. Those players who don't have fast enough swing speeds for this will benefit greatly from the TruFeel.

After lengthy testing, I believe that my short game may suffer without the enhanced feel and spin. Yes, the improvements for me are obvious in the long game. For more, read a detailed titleist trufeel golf balls review.

Image of Titleist Golf Ball
Pros and Cons of Titleist Golf Ball

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