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Srixon Ultisoft Golf Balls

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball
Image of Two-Piece Srixon UltiSoft Golf Balls

Credit: Srixon UltiSoft

Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball Review

FastLayer Core technology is incorporated into the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball to increase distance without foregoing softness. The FastLayer core behaves like a core with hundreds of layers because it gradually changes from a soft inner core to a solid outer edge, affording you more distance and a terrific sensation.

The 338-speed dimples enhance overall aerodynamics for enhanced wood, driver, and iron flight performance. Even in the most challenging wind circumstances, the Speed Dimples can increase distance and fly straight thanks to the proper ratio of dimple occupancy and uniformity.

Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball Technology

Srixon's FastLayer Core technology, which consists of a soft center that transitions to a tougher outer edge, serves as the basis of the new Srixon Ultisoft golf ball and increases distance while maintaining the anticipated soft feel upon impact.

According to Srixon, the Srixon Ultisoft golf balls have "exceptional distance with optimal softness upon each strike," which is boosted by the use of a soft, convenient coating to give all chips, pitches, and putts a softer feel and more greenside spin.

The 338 Speed Dimple design on the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball is intended to boost lift while decreasing drag, enhancing overall aerodynamics for better performance, especially in the wind.

The Srixon UltiSoft ball is marketed in Pure White and has an SRP of £28 per dozen beginning in October 2022. Srixon Ultisoft best price has already been floated, check Golfers Grid for constant update.

Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball Compression

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Balls
Image of Srixon UltiSoft Golf Balls

With a compression of 40, 20 less than the previous Srixon Soft Feel golf ball, the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball is, as its name suggests, the softest ball in Srixon's line. This ball focuses on softness and is intended for people with medium to slow swing speeds who need their balls to travel straight.

The UltiSoft is no different from other soft golf balls in that they have low spin, which helps them fly a little straighter because they don't have as much sidespin whenever users chop the pants off from them with the driver.

The Energetic Gradient Growth core from the 1-piece ball continues in the 2-piece ball and becomes harder as one moves farther from the center.

The Srixon UltiSoft 2022 golf ball has a new Tefabloc HR+ blend and a 1.45mm slimmer ionomer cover than the old iteration.

Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball Aesthetics

It now has 338 dimples, an increase of 14 from the previous 324, and a new design to enhance launch and lessen drag. You will need to be quite perceptive to distinguish Srixon Ultisoft golf balls from the previous version since the side stamp is slightly altered and the two lines no longer touch the arrow.

Additionally, Srixon Ultisoft golf balls' users have the pink option for women and the yellow for guys who want to liven up their lives. Nevertheless, Srixon Ultisoft golf balls are all about softness, and you could hear and feel this through the bag.

A metal-faced putter on and around the greens wouldn't even disturb someone putting while suffering from a migraine, and a putter with a soft insert would receive approval from the Noise Abatement Society for quietness.

Srixon Ultisoft Golf Ball Testing

Experience shows that inadequate compression negatively impacts distance for golfers with a driver swing speed of 100mph and above. In this instance, it was the same Srixon Ultisoft compression, which had effects on distance.

The Srixon Ultisoft golf ball's overall distance was shorter, even though the ball flight was decent. The 388 dimple pattern seems to do a great job of generating a robust flight, primarily in the wind. The Srixon UltiSoft golf ball was about 10 yards shorter and spun somewhat more than premium brands (about 300 rpm).

It's crucial to remember that, while this was our experience off the tee, the performance of the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball in this area might be very different for players with slower swings.


Unquestionably, the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball lives up to its promise of providing a soft feel. This ball, in our opinion, performed best on and near the green, but more significantly, it also reliably provides nice ball flights all across the bag.

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