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Wilson Staff C300 Forged Iron

Image of Wlson C300 Forged Iron Set

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Iron Review

With the addition of a double row of Power Holes on the new Wilson Staff C300 sole, Wilson Golf has advanced its proprietary FLX FaceTM Power Hole technology.

These irons are intended for golfers with mid-low handicaps who want more distance, forgiveness and workability on their approach shots. Below is a Wilson Staff c300 forged irons review.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Specs

Image of Wlson C300 Forged Iron Set
Image of Wlson C300 Forged Iron Set

The Wilson Staff c300 irons include Power Holes all the way around the clubhead to reduce body-to-face contact, provide optimal flex, and widen the sweet spot for faster ball speeds all over the hitting surface.

Similar to its forerunner, the C200 iron, 76percent of the new iron's narrow face is unattached to the club's body and is once more filled with TE031 urethane material for distance and feel.

The Wilson Staff C300 iron features two on the toe and three across the topline to highlight the visible 360° FLX FaceTM Technology. It is the first iron to have a double row of Power Holes on the sole of the club head (a total of five Power Holes).

The second row of Power Holes around the head, according to Wilson Staff, enhances face deflection by 58percent and adds seven additional yards to the distance.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Sound & Feel

For performance reasons, a second set of power holes was added to increase face deflection. The substantially tougher 17-4 stainless steel face was used by Wilson Staff designers to prevent the C300 irons from feeling overly soft.

When used in tandem, I discovered that the felt stable and solid, similar to the C200 but with a wider region of shots feeling flush. The reply from contact close to the perimeter was average.

My ears heard a distinct crisp, throaty sound coming from the tougher face. In contrast to what I had anticipated, it was far less metallic and more like the snap of a green tree limb. The KBS Tour 90 shafts gave the swing a generally balanced feel.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Looks

Image of Wlson C300 Forged Iron Set
Image of Wlson C300 Forged Iron Set

With the exception of a little increase in offset, the Wilson Staff C300 irons at address resemble those of the preceding version. Visual slimming is produced by the black urethane in the power holes along the relatively thick topline.

Only the white filled, somewhat wider bottom groove identifies it as the 2018 edition; the club face still has a matte surface. The similarities between their appearances does not go past that.

The power holes on the sole were altered, and a second row was added. With bold, angular lines and no longer sporting Wilson Staff red, the backside has undergone a total makeover. I think the cavity design is fantastic.

The Wilson Staff red cap truly completes the club, even though the black and white Lamkin grip looks crispier.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Performance

The increase in face deflection mentioned above was above 50%, therefore it is not insignificant. On the Wilson Staff website, there is a fantastic finite element analysis graphic showing the effect. I experienced effortless power. Over my players, I frequently noticed an additional 5–10 yards.

The Wilson staff c300 forged irons lofts were one degree stronger than those of the preceding version, yet they launched just as high and had a lovely trajectory.

Although it seems straightforward, the white line on the face has proven to be a useful guide for alignment.

One last thing: the very sizable notch on the hosel has a useful function, allowing club fitters to fine-tune Wilson staff c300 forged irons loft and lie for optimized performance.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Verdict

Less offset on the Wilson Staff C300s forged irons creates a wonderful "regular" appearance at address. Shiny chrome finishes are a personal preference, but we thought the Wilson Staff c300 forged irons head size would give most players a sense of confidence.

We would have no trouble wrapping a set for 2018 due to the excellent performance and price. Look for ads on Wilson Staff C300 irons for sale online to complete your purchase because it is the only avenue that guarantees massive savings thanks to the discounts on offer.


"Power Your Play," which is the Wilson Staff catchphrase for the Wilson Staff c300 forged irons, seems to sum up their performance well. I particularly appreciate how the strong launch covers a wider sweet spot, allowing for more forgiving hits that we all commit.

The C300 irons are much more than a simple upgrade over the popular C200s, and they should be given significant consideration in terms of game improvement.

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