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Wilson D7 Irons

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Image of Wilson D7 Forged Iron

Wilson D7 Forged Irons

Once a leader in the golf industry, Wilson has been through a lot in the past two decades. In the 1990s, Wilson alongside Ben Hogan and MacGregor, were the must-have irons. It has outstanding and good-looking irons, especially their blades and distance irons.

While you may not see a bunch of Wilson irons around, their presence on the golf tours is undisputable, with major winners, such as Gary Woodland and Padraig Harrington making good use of them. Read through Golfers Grid’s Wilson D7 Forged Irons Review to find out more about Wilson D7 irons specs.

Wilson D7 Forged Irons Review

What is Wilson D7 iron and how does it fit in the present-day Wilson’s offerings? In the recent past, Wilson has had three classifications – C(control), F(feel), and D(distance). It recently released Wilson D7 and followed it with Wilson D7 Forged. The D model has been more of game-improving iron.

As opposed to replacing Wilson D7, Wilson D7 Forged irons were designed for player distance category where priority is given to control and distance over forgiveness. In some respect, Wlson D7 Forged closes the gap between C and D categories. While Wilson D7 delivers sufficient forgiveness, Wilson D7 Forged irons are somewhat workable, distance and forgiving irons compared to what competitors are offering.

Same as the newer iron on the market, unlike traditional lofts, its lofts are more aggressive with PW of 44 in comparison to the old’s 48 degrees. Wilson D7s have lower loft to foster distance unlike the competitors’ irons.

Wilson D7 Irons Features

Image of Wilson D7 Forged Iron
Image of Wilson D7 Forged Iron's Face

Below we review Wilson D7 irons specs, including technology, feel, performance and look. The Wilson Staff D7 irons review will serve as a guide to you buying decision, including how to locate Wilson D7 irons for sale.

Wilson D7 Irons Technology

Wilson uses power face and power holes technology. According to Wilson, the placement of power holes has been optimized in the forged heads to increase face deflection and contact time between the face and the ball for enhanced ball speed, efficient energy transfer, and increased distance.

The power holes results in reduced vibration, delivering incredible feel and sound Wilson D7 club is forged using 8620 Carbon Steel Cavity Construction, providing a feel of iron forged for distance properties the modern-day golfers expect. It means, golfers get the traditional feel and look associated with forged irons alongside longest distance that comes with modern irons.

For those interested in custom length, shafts, loft or lie, Wilson comes with lots of options for you at acceptable fee. These options resemble those that other manufacturers offer at a cost that falls within the norm in the market.

Wilson D7 Irons Pricing

Wilson D7 Forged irons retail at $899 and $999 for steel and graphite, respectively. Models in similar category from other manufacturers cost roughly $1400, and hence Wilson D7 is a tremendous bargain. The manufacturer also offers discount code, making Wilson D7 Forged Iron a better value for money.

Wilson D7 Forged Iron Looks


Taylormade M4 4 Iron

Taylormade M4 5 Iron

​Taylormade M4 6 Iron

Taylormade M4 7 Iron

Taylormade M4 8 Iron

Taylormade M4 9 Iron









































D2/D0 5


Wilson D7 Forged Iron Looks

Image of Wilson D7 Forged Iron
Image of Wilson D7 Forged Clubhead

Wilson D7 is gorgeous. The look is classic and understated without loud shades and weird graphics. It is as good as anything put forth by Callaway, Titleist, Ping or Mizuno. It resembles a player’s iron within the topline. Unlike some clubs in the market Wilson D7 will look great in your bag for years to come thanks to its minimalist design.

Wilson D7 Irons Performance

A few rounds of testing confirmed that Wilson D7 irons are a good fit for any golfer. They force you to ne more conscious on swing path because one cannot get away with swing mistakes that many gamers allow golfers to get away with on the greens. Even though challenging, they turn you into a better golfer.

Wilson D7 compels you to focus more on your turnings and leg positioning, leading to more power and consistency. From the rounds, the greatest revelation was how effortless these irons were to hit. With pure contact, the ball rockets off the face without losing distance.

Wilson D7 Forged Iron Verdict

The thin topline devoid of offset may at first be intimidating, but with time, you will feel more comfortable and enjoy the feel. The upside of the feedback received on the iron is that you will notice when you deliver a great swing unlike with game improvement iron. The benefit of Wilson D7 is the feedback you will get to become an even better player.

If you are in the market for distance iron, Wilson D7 will serve you well. We hope you enjoyed reading our Wilson D7 Forged Irons Review and it was of value to your buying decision.

Apart from Wilson D7 irons review, we have other review on premium irons that you may wish to consider. Feel free to read through and compare that specs with Wilson D7 forged irons specs.

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