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Inesis Golf Balls Review

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Multicolored Inesis Golf Balls

Inesis Golf Balls Review

The options available to you when purchasing golf balls are truly endless. It can be very challenging to know where to start because of this.

In light of this, allow us to introduce you to Inesis golf balls, a Decathlon brand that has recently garnered prominence for its effectiveness and pricing.

What can you realistically anticipate from Inesis golf balls, and how do Inesis golf balls perform? In this post, we'll examine Inesis golf balls in-depth and determine how effective they are for casual players.

What is Inesis Golf?

Inesis golf clubs and Inesis golf balls are just a few of the many items that Inesis Golf manufactures. Inesis and Decathlon have teamed to make their products available in shops across North America and beyond.

Inesis is a brand that aims to assist golfers to improve their game by providing affordable, high-quality equipment for recreational players. This equipment is made to enable golfers to shoot consistently lower scores.

Since their motto is "to make golf easier," it is clear from their selection of equipment.

Inesis Golf Balls

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Inesis Soft 500 Golf Ball

For recreational golfers, Inesis golf balls are a fantastic choice. They provide a variety of high-performance models at fantastic pricing.

Inesis is unusual in that it produces golf balls that are kind to the environment and works to reduce the over 300 million golf balls that get lost annually in the US.

The shiny coating that is common on most golf balls has been omitted by Inesis, making it considerably better for the environment, although it means that its markings come off quickly.

Inesis golf balls are not only environmentally friendly but also reasonably priced and offer good performance for amateur golfers. In other words, there are a lot of positive things to say about Inesis golf balls and the values that the business upholds.

But what are the various Inesis golf balls available for purchase, and for whom are they most suitable? Let's look more closely.

The Various Models in the Inesis Line

Every recreational player can pick the model of their choice in the Inesis range because there are several different options.

To assist you in choosing, we've included an overview of the Inesis line below:

i. Distance 100

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Inesis Distance 100

Beginners and golfers with high handicaps should choose the Distance 100 golf ball since it is extremely affordable, has outstanding carry, and allows you to hit the ball reasonably far with a slow Inesis golf clubhead speed.

ii. Inesis 500 Soft Ball

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Inesis 500 Soft Golf Ball

These golf balls are made for players who prefer a ball that provides very soft contact. The extra-soft Inesis 500 soft ball is for advanced golfers.

It is perfect for golfers who have improved the quality of their swing and are searching for a ball that is enjoyable to play in all conditions.

White, orange, yellow, and pink are the possible colors for the Inesis Soft 500 Matte ball. The matte, reflection-free finish delivers an intriguing appearance.

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Technical Features

  • Construction: 2-piece

  • Body: 100.0%

  • Core - Butadiene Rubber

  • Shell: 100.0% Surlyn

  • Coating: 100.0% Polyurethane

  • Compression: 65

  • Cover: Surlyn (Ionomer)

  • Number of dimples: 440

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Pricing

Why are Inesis 500 Soft Balls cheaper? According to reliable sources, Inesis does not wish to charge golfers for any services that do not enhance their game.

Because of this, they work best to eliminate intermediaries from the manufacturing and delivery of their balls.

The brand does not support professional athletes, competitions, or expensive advertising efforts. Its focus is to supply golfers with balls at the most reasonable cost.

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Care Instructions

As frequently as possible, ideally between shots, clean the golf ball (before putting and tee-off).

Golfers should inspect their golf balls periodically because accuracy and good flight are guaranteed in good condition.

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Performance

  • Distance: Fulfills the game's prescribed maximum ball flying distance guidelines.

  • Softness: For enhanced playing comfort, this ball has a soft feel.

  • Directional Control: This ball has a fair amount of directional control on the green.

  • Directional Control: This ball has a fair amount of directional control on the green.

  • Surlyn offers a reasonable amount of resistance to the ball's outer shell in terms of durability.

  • Visibility: The ball is transparent and has a matte texture without any reflections.

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Composition

The Soft inesis 500 is created from materials that have been designed to be as soft as possible on impact, including the rubber core and outer Surlyn shell.

10% of the leftover raw materials from the production process are used to create the Surlyn cover.

Inesis 500 Soft Ball Colors and Finishes

The gloss finishes of the top 4 Soft 500 colors—white, yellow, pink, and orange—have been retained for 2022.

Neon green and neon red are the two new matte-finish color options that are being introduced this year. Whether conventional or daring, pick the Soft inesis 500 that works for you.

iii. Tour 900

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Inesis Tour 900

For players with a handicap of 15 or less, the Tour 900 is the perfect candidate since it provides outstanding greenside control.

The Inesis Tour 900 is a 3-part urethane ball that competes with some of the top golf balls on the market and is a brilliant option for decent players.

Also you would need inesis 900 rangefinder to help build on your accuracy.

Inesis Golf Balls Cost

Among the best aspects about Inesis golf balls, as mentioned previously, is the cost of each ball in their new pricing range.

The price per dozen of each Inesis ball is shown in the chart below, demonstrating their outstanding value:

Inesis Golf Ball Model

​Price per Dozen

​Inesis Tour 900


Inesis 500 Soft


​Inesis Distance 100


Inesis offers a brand-new 12-pack of golf balls for only €7.00, which is rather amazing and emphasizes the exceptional value of the company. You will probably lose a lot of balls as soon as you start playing golf as you perfect your swinging and precision.

Considering that most of them are going to wind up in the bush following a few rounds, the Distance 100 balls represent outstanding value for the money. They let you hit the ball farther and increase distance when you can maintain them in play.

The Tour 900 and Soft 500 balls, the other two in the line, are likewise very affordable and deserving of consideration for slightly superior recreational use.

Inesis Golf Balls Compression Rating

All balls in the Inesis line have different compression ratings. For example, the Soft 500 golf ball does have a compression score of 74, which gives intermediate golfers extra distance off the tee.

The Tour 900 is a higher compression golf ball that has received a rating of "very good", putting it on par with the TaylorMade TP5 and Bridgestone Tour B XS. Inesis does not divulge the compression of either the Distance 100 or the Tour 900.

Compression is, of course, a really useful parameter when determining the best ball for your game, but Inesis makes it simple to determine which of their balls are most suited to different players rather than just relying solely on compression.

As a result, the Distance 100 is the best ball for novices, the Soft 500 is the best ball for players of all skill levels, and the Tour 900, the Inesis ball with the maximum compression, is the best ball for players with lower handicaps who want better control on and around the greens.


The best golf ball company you've never heard of maybe Inesis. Their golf balls meet all the requirements for recreational golfers, including being economical, readily available, and environmentally friendly.

We appreciate that Inesis is open and honest about the performance of their balls, noting which are most suited for players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Inesis golf balls are a terrific brand to take into consideration if you're seeking to stock up on inexpensive golf balls this season. Overall, we heartily recommend Inesis golf balls to all recreational golfers.


Are Inesis Golf Balls Good for Beginners?

Inesis golf balls are without a doubt fantastic options for novices. When compared to the normal price of new golf balls, the Inesis Distance 100 offers a dozen balls for only $7, making it an outstanding value for novices.

Because it is a distance ball and enables players with slow clubhead speeds to hit the ball farther, the Inesis Distance 100 is perfect for novices. You won't have as much concern while losing balls on the course because the ball is so inexpensive.

It makes sense to move to the Inesis Soft 500 golf ball as your game improves and your handicap decreases since it offers more control.

The Tour 900 is the only ball in the Inesis lineup that is not recommended for beginners, but given the level of control and spin it offers around the green, it is a top choice for golfers with single-digit handicaps.

Where are Inesis Golf Balls Made?

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Scanna's Logo - Inesis Independent Contracted Producer

Golfers in Europe, Africa, and North America can purchase Inesis products at Decathlon because the international store has manufacturing and distribution facilities, Scanna, all around the world.

Despite the company withholding the location of their production, Inesis golf balls from Decathlon are readily available in shops across Europe and North America, irrespective of where they are manufactured.

This is standard procedure in the golf industry because many companies choose to withhold information about the location of their ball's manufacturing, which leaves the potential for misunderstanding and conjecture.

Inesis golf balls have a wonderful composition and are a great option for recreational players because they are long-lasting, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly.

Inesis Golf Ball Alternatives?

Image of Inesis Golf
Image of Inesis Golf Ball Alternative - Kirkland Golf Ball

Inesis balls are tough to beat as entry-level golf balls at a reasonable price. However, these are by no means the only reasonably priced golf balls available in the US; there are a few more that are worth considering.

The Kirkland golf ball, which is a substitute, is produced by Costco. Although some golfers may laugh at Kirkland balls, the truth is that they perform quite well in tests and are on par with some of the top brands on the market.

In the same way, as Srixon Golf offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced alternatives, Inesis offers a variety of balls within its range at different price points.

Inesis golf balls are an excellent choice for beginning golfers and can be considered with other game-improving brands as a practical option to play this season, especially if you don't want to break the bank by buying new golf balls.

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