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Costco Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Image of Kirkland Golf Ball Review
Image of Kirkland Golf Ball

Golfers may still use Costco's three-piece Performance Plus V2 as the world prepares for another four-piece Kirkland golf balls that will presumably be as good as the original.

With much less than $13 for a dozen, Kirkland golf balls look like a wonderful deal, but after putting the original Kirkland golf balls through testing, we discovered that while being inexpensive, the Kirkland golf balls had no value.

A substantial concentricity problem affected over a fourth of the sample, and the diameter consistency was clearly subpar. Read the Kirkland golf balls review below to understand our findings.

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Review

In the latest robot test, we discovered that Costco Kirkland golf balls weren’t always competitive with other high-end balls on the market. Due, in significant part, to its high spin characteristics, the performance + V2 is inferior to the majority, and there are some concerns about how well it performs in the wind.

Even without the rest of the information, it's clear that it's not a ball for everyone, but for those it does fit (or for those ready to forgo some performance in favor of value), the quality concern continues (or at least it ought to).

Is the newly launched Costco Kirkland Performance Plus V2 better than the first version? Here is what we discovered.

Kirkland Golf Balls Compression

The Kirkland Performance Plus V2 registers an average compression reading of 94 on our gauge.

This is an increase of around four points over the previous version, putting Kirkland golf balls Costco in the same general ballpark as the Vice Pro and Callaway Chrome Soft X. In fact, it is our database's firmest three-piece ball.

While there were a few balls that stood out as substantially stiffer than others in the Kirkland golf balls vs pro v1 comparison, the overall sample's delta was just eight points, which is within our acceptable limit for compression uniformity. Hence we concluded that Kirkland golf balls compression is commendable.

The average compression delta, or the range of compression measured at each ball's three different sites, was likewise largely acceptable, with only a few balls displaying a wider range.

Kirkland Golf Balls Weight and Diameter

Image of Kirkland Golf Ball Review
Image of Kirkland Golf Ball On a Driving Range

One ball in the Kirkland Performance + V2 sample weighed more than the 1.62 ounces allowed by the USGA. Although that's not ideal, it's promising that the problem only affected one ball because overweight DTC/factory balls frequently come in batches.

Neither of the balls in the sample fell short of meeting our criteria for roundness, although it's important to note that even though the Performance Plus V2 is inferior to its predecessor, it still meets the definition of a large urethane ball.

Weight consistency is at the low end of the range considered average. In some bunches, weight was generally less uniform.

By urethane standards, the Kirkland Performance Plus V2 golf ball is incredibly huge. The size was mostly consistent, though somewhat smaller compared to others.

Since a larger diameter ball tends to be shorter, golfers looking to optimize distance ought to be concerned about it.

Kirkland Golf Balls Concentricity and Centeredness

Layer concentricity wasn't an issue with this Kirkland three-piece ball like it was with the prior one. Only a few balls had minor concentricity flaws, and none of them were severe enough for us to identify them as problematic.

There were no apparent cover flaws found on the Kirkland signature golf balls’ cover. However, we did notice a few odd dimples that seemed to be caused by the ball not popping out of the mold quite cleanly.

Kirkland Golf Balls True Price

We rate a golf ball's quality using its True Price. It represents an estimate of how much you would have to spend to buy 12 high-quality balls.

The True Price will never be less than the retail price. You should be more worried about the ball's quality when the discrepancy between the true price and retail price and the True Price.

Kirkland Golf Balls Verdict

The Costco Kirkland Performance Plus V2's superior consistency to the original three-piece should be the key lesson learned. It's a ball that is better than average in terms of quality.

Although that is what Golfer Grid focuses on, it would be negligent of us not to also mention that this ball's performance qualities, particularly its mid-low launch and abnormally high spin, firmly place it as a niche offering.


Even while almost everyone appreciates a value, the vast majority of golfers will benefit more from a ball with moderate performance attributes - Kirkland signature golf balls.

Thanks for reading our Kirkland golf balls review. Find time to share the article and visit Golfers Grid home page for more interesting reviews.


Who makes Kirkland golf balls?

Most of the products of the brand are manufactured by independent contractors. Qingdao SM Parker is the current maker.

Where are Kirkland golf balls made?

The current independent contractor of Kirkland signature balls are situated in China

Are Kirkland golf balls good?

Kirkland signature balls are an excellent brand of balls with moderate performance considering their price.

What happened to Kirkland golf balls?

There were ten patent litigations against the brand. It stopped producing the four-piece Kirkland golf balls as a result.

What kind of golf balls are Kirkland?

Kirkland golf balls are three-piece balls with a 338-dimple masked in urethane cover.

Where can I buy Kirkland golf balls?

You can purchase Kirkland golf balls from major retailers, including Walmart, Costco and eBay.

How much are Kirkland golf balls?

The average retail price for a dozen of Kirkland signature golf balls is $13 but it can go as low as $8.99.

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