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Top 10 Best Golf Movies

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Image of Golf Movies
Best Golf Movies

Best Golf Movies Ranked

It's a sport that elicits strong emotions from spectators; they often have intense feelings for or against it. Golf is one of the oldest and most prominent games in existence, and it has served as the inspiration for a few good films over the years.

It's simple to make fun of a sport that is so stressful and serious. Whether you love golf or not, golf movies have always delivered a good laugh, and masterpieces have always included a little romance to balance the humor.

Golf biopics offer an insightful look at the sport's past and an appreciation of the lives of some of the game's finest players and dorf on golf for die-hard fans.

There aren't many excellent golf movies on Netflix, but there are a few classics and a handful of uplifting, motivational biopics. Find out the best golf movies by browsing our gallery. Also check out Golfers Grid review on golf documentaries.

10. A Gentleman’s Game (2002)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of A Gentleman's Game - Credit: YouTube

The movie "A Gentleman's Game" is an example of how golf movies frequently act as metaphors for life's lessons to add to its best golf backgrounds. Young Timmy Price is enthralled with golf and the country club his father belongs to, but he is discouraged from playing by his father.

Despite this, Timmy manages to land a position as a caddie and starts to develop as a player. Foster Pearce, a former amateur champion who gave up the sport after his first victory, soon offers Timmy advice.

Timmy gains life lessons from his mentor Pearce and discovers that there is more to life than winning after he wins a junior championship and starts to yearn for greater success.

9. The Caddy (1953)

Image of Golf Movies
SCreenshot of The Caddy - Credit: YouTube

The iconic comedic duo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are featured in this entertaining comedy from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Harvey Miller's son, Lewis, aspired to play professional golf like his father but is terrified of crowds.

Instead, he starts teaching golf and working as Joe (Dean Martin caddie. As Joe starts to win tournaments, he gets conceited. As the two begin to irritate one another, comedy results.

Of course, they both have women to woo, and "That's Amore," one of Martin's signature songs, is introduced.

8. Tommy’s Honour (2016)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Tommy's Honor Credit: YouTube

This superb movie examines the unique father-son bond and groundbreaking accomplishments of golf giants Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris.

Set in Scotland in the 1860s, the father and son compete over style while also breaking records—some of which still stand today—and contributing to the creation of the sport's rules.

A fascinating look at the sport's history and an absolute must-see for any golf enthusiast. It is one of the featured stories in sports movies on Disney Plus.

7. Pat and Mike (1952)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Pat and Mike Credit: YouTube

The gifted athlete Pat struggles in the presence of her domineering fiance, who wants her to give up sports so they can wed. She teams up with Mike, a cunning sports promoter, in an effort to achieve her aims.

Mike attempts to be straight as his become infatuated with Pat, but they face many challenges. This romantic comedy, one of the famed Hollywood collaborations, received an Oscar nomination for its screenplay and best golf image and is widely regarded as one of their best.

Hepburn, who played tennis and golf frequently, performed all of the sporting scenes on her own, showcasing her near-professional athleticism.

6. Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Bobby Jones - Credit: YouTube

Bobby Jones, one of the best golfer of all time, is honored in this biopic for becoming the first person to win all four of the men's major tournaments in the same calendar year in 1930. Ninety years later, he is still the only person to do so.

Following Jones's life from his early years in Atlanta, where he studied professional golfers to become the best golfer ever and won amateur competitions, through his college years when he earned a law degree, his battles with his temper and major championship victories, and his startlingly early retirement at age 28, "Stroke of Genius" shows his journey.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, one of the oldest and most prominent golf clubs in the world, has agreed to let this video be the first one to be shot there.

5. The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of The Legend of Bagger Vance

Through the eyes of Hardy Greaves, who is recounting his love for golf after having his sixth cardiac arrest, the unending passion for sports is examined.

Young Greaves's hero and former golfer Rannulph Junuh is a struggling alcoholic who is battling personal problems as a result of his time in World War I during the Depression.

Junuh is able to rediscover his passion of the game and renew his romance with previous girlfriend Adele Invergordon with the aid of Greaves and a strange caddie named Bagger Vance.

4. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Greatest Game Ever Played - Credit: YouTube

When golf was still seen as a sport for the wealthy, Francis Ouimet, a member of the working class, appeared on the scene and forever altered the game by becoming the greatest golfer of all time.

Despite his father's objections, the 20-year-old amateur played in the 1913 U.S. Open in company of a ten-year-old caddie.

Based on a true account, this movie does a fantastic job of capturing the young amateur's victory over English golf star Harry Vardon, which is one of the most inspiring sporting stories ever.

3. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Happy Gilmore - Credit: YouTube

Happy Gilmore, a failed hockey player, learns that golf benefits from his strong slapshot and resolves to take up the game to help his grandmother avoid having her home seized by the IRS for unpaid taxes.

As he receives instruction from the formerly-pro golfer-turned-one-armed Chubbs Peterson, Happy faces off against Shooter McGavin, a haughty pro golfer who is repulsed by Happy's lack of respect on the field.

This slapstick comedy is a classic among golf enthusiasts thanks to the invention of the iconic walking/running "Happy Gilmore swing" and a battle with Bob Barker on the course.

2. Caddyshack (1980)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Caddyshack - Credit: YouTube

"Caddyshack" is one of the funniest sports movies ever filmed and has developed a cult following.

Lowly caddie Danny is aware of all the crazy goings-on at the posh Bushwood Country Club, including the rivalry between cocky old man golfer Smails and foul mouthed newly rich entrepreneur Czervik, in addition to the rivalry among crazy groundsman Carl and a rogue gopher that is wrecking the course.

Add Chevy Chase as a fellow enthusiastic golfer, a golf match in which the course's ownership is at risk, and Carl's attempt to defeat the "Varmint Cong" with a cannon to teach famous golf players a lesson, leading to one of the funniest and most memorable movies ever.

1. Tin Cup (1996)

Image of Golf Movies
Screenshot of Tim Cup - Credit: YouTube

A retired golfer named Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy now operates a driving range. Roy is willing to provide training lessons to psychologist Molly Griswold, while her fiancé, professional golfer David Simms , wishes Roy to be his caddy.

Roy rekindles his passion for the sport after accepting to caddie, and the two soon start competing for Molly's affection in addition to the game.

This movie hits the ideal balance between sports picture and romantic comedy thanks to the two haughty golfers attempting to outdo one another, terrific chemistry between Russ and Costner, and a memorable and surprising ending occurring on the penultimate day of the U.S. Open.

It is the best golfers movie of all time. Check online for Tin Cup streaming.

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