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How To Choose A Golf Club

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Golf clubs are a painstaking purchase. When you find yourself using clubs that do not fit your swing, you will surely not get the most out of your clubs – worse you can end up developing poor golfing habits to adapt your swing. So, what is the best golf club set for the money?

By collecting the right golf set, you will enjoy more and shoot lower scores in each game. So, it is worthwhile to conduct research before trading off your hard-earned money for the best golf clubs you can afford.

Selecting the best golf club sets

The market could be crowded with different models and options but sticking to a how-to choose golf club guide should ease the buying process. Below are the five best tips on how to choose a golf club set and picking the best golf club set.

1. Realistic with your handicap

Although you may not be officially handicapped, you have a rough idea of your skill set and level. For a beginner, track your scores to determine the best beginner golf club sets for you. You will have to be honest with yourself about the state of your game because most clubs from the best golf club brands are manufactured with a specific skill-level class in mind.

Overall, these categories include high handicappers, low handicappers, mid-handicappers, and professional/ tour golfers. There are also best golf club sets for beginners and best golf club sets for intermediate players.

As such, because you fancy the look of Rory Mcllroy, it does not necessarily mean that they will help your game or turn you into a great man, particularly if you are a twenty-handicapper. The same line of thinking applies to most fairway woods, forgiving drivers, putters, and wedges.

2. Note your weaknesses and strengths

Your handicap, assuming you have one, gives you a rough idea of your ability. However, take time to evaluate your game more before considering any purchase.

For instance, you may be a perfect ball striker but a shot of distance, which means you will need a driver and a golf ball designed for relatively slow swing speeds. That reminds me!

Have you perused our best golf club ball guide for slow swings? You might require the best drivers for handicappers to ensure your iron remains consistent. Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for how to help beginner golfers, and new technology can be a game-changer, particularly when it is matched with the type of golfer is it designed to help.

Whether it is a greater distance, more forgiveness, more workability, or tighter dispersion from some of the best golf blade irons, there is certainly a perfect golf club for you out there. So, draft a list detailing your weaknesses and strengths.

3. Peruse our reviews

Who buys a car without going through the latest reviews? The same applies when picking golf clubs – and that said, you can begin by reading Golfers Grid reviews on what is the best golf club brand.

Whether you are looking for a new fairway wood, driver, wedges, hybrid irons, or putter, we have plenty of technical editors constantly testing new golfer gears on the market.

You can also check how some of our followers and readers fair with custom fittings. We often put golf clubs against each other to give you a better idea of performance.

4. Get custom-fitted

Diversity means we are all different in size and shape and so are our swing characteristics. It means that having a custom-fitted golf club is so pivotal. If you are planning to spend huge sums of money on golf clubs, it is reasonable to have dialed in for your golfing needs.

With custom fitting, you will know your launch angle, attack angle, the ball and club speed, and so forth, including recommendations on how to choose a golf club size.

Equipped with such important data, a manufacturer will ensure that your club aligns with your swing for optimized performance and help you how to choose a golf club management company. You can get custom fitting clubs in the following locations:

  • Independent fitters

  • Fitting studios within golf clubs

  • Golf superstores, including Direct Golf and American Golf

  • Demo days

  • Brands’fitting centres

Having a chat with a qualified PGA professional on how to choose a golf club length and getting them to watch your game is a plus on your purchase decision.

The expert advice is well worth the premium custom fitting fee - in any case, it gets waived once you make a purchase.

5. Finding a deal

While custom fitting is the most recommendable option, if you understand what you want and you are comfortable getting your golf club from the shelf, do some shopping after learning how to choose a golf club for a shot.

At Golfers Grid, we source information about the best deals for all golf gears to let you build the golfing set you exactly desire.

We also develop a plethora of buyers’ guides on all game aspects, including best golf drivers, best golf tops, best golf nets, how to choose a golf club driver, how to choose a golf club management company, how to choose a golf club flowchart, how to choose a golf club based on the distance to pin, how to choose a golf club grip size, how to choose a golf club grip size, and how to choose a golf club brand. These guides are worth a read for buying advice.

So, this season do not go it alone when making a momentous decision about such a substantial purchase, let us assist you to pick the best golf club!


Below we provide answer to the ‘how’ questions that most golfers confront when planning to purchase their gears.

How to pick golf clubs?

Test a golf club first before buying. Let the staff display a bunch of them for you to select one that fits your game.

How to pick the right shaft for your driver

Flex the shaft and avoid stiffer ones because they will result in exceedingly lower shots, with low peak heights and spins

How to choose golf clubs for beginners

The best club for a beginner is one that allow more forgiveness and allow them to easily get the ball airborne.

How to choose golf clubs for your height

It is recommended 36.5” for ladies and 38” for men based on the ratio of for every 6” there should be a 1”

How to choose the right golf clubs for me

The general rule to select the right flex is to determine the distance you can hit. For those below 180 yards, pick senior flex. For 20 yards, select ladies.

How to choose the right putter

Worried how to pick the right putter? A face balanced putter is appropriate for golfers with straight backs. Those with stronger arc, pick a putter with toe hang. Read also how to pick the right golf clubs.

How to choose golf irons

Concerned how to pick a golf driver? There are various factors to consider on how to choose the right golf clubs, and they include shape, size, material, flex and feel. The same applies to how to choose putter length.

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