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Inside Si Woo Kim’s Putter Switch

Image of Si Woo Kim

Since everyone in the field is ultimately competing for themselves, weekly PGA TOUR events don't often make for the best environments for peer-to-peer mentoring. But because everyone who wears the uniform has a common goal, the biannual Presidents Cup can be an opportunity for younger PGA TOUR players to soak up wisdom from more experienced peers.

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As an illustration, Si Woo Kim entirely changed his putting technique after Adam Scott's counsel prior to the 2022 Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow, and the decision has proven to be very profitable.

Previous Si woo Kim Putting Technique

Si Woo Kim
Si Woo Kim at FedEx St. Jude Championship

Kim had a fairly traditional putting stroke before the Presidents Cup. He mainly played with a standard-length Odyssey putter and mostly used the conventional overlap grip. It's a fairly typical grip variant, even if he would extend his right index finger a little bit lower down the shaft than some others.

Kim Si-Woo Strokes Gained: Putting Ranking

Kim Si-Woo , 27, had primarily battled with his putting but had won three events in that manner, including the 2017 PLAYERS Championship. His highest Strokes Gained: Putting ranking throughout his seven complete seasons on the PGA TOUR was 111th. In the 2021–2022 season, he placed 177th in SG: Putting, losing an average of 0.404 strokes per round on the greens.

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Kim Si-Woo Latest Putting Technique

IMage of Si Woo Kim
Si Woo Kim competing in USGA

Nevertheless, debuted a new putting technique and putter at the 2022 Presidents Cup thanks to tips from Adam Scott, his 42-year-old International partner. Scott, a 14-time TOUR champion, has struggled on the greens and has changed his putting stroke multiple times as a result. He has mainly used a long "broomstick" style putter and a claw grip with his right hand for the past ten years, keeping his left hand raised by his chest. The USGA Rule 14-1b, which forbade anchoring the club against the body, was enacted in 2016, and Scott has since stopped anchoring his left hand against his chest.

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Si Woo Kim Putter

Following the practice round, Kim Si-Woo contacted Joe Toulon, an Odyssey Tour representative, to ask for a personal broomstick-style putter. Si Woo Kim putter is an Odyssey 2-Ball Ten model with a 5.5-inch split handle, as Toulon detailed to

Kim told, "First of all, I put my thumb on top of the putter instead of gripping the putter this way (conventionally). Since it's all about positioning the shoulders to try to feel as if it moves in one piece, I grasp my left hand firmly. The right hand...I prefer to use a claw grip with my right hand on top, as Adam Scott instructed me to do. Holding the left hand firmly, make a single motion with the shoulder."

The 2022 Presidents Cup was Si Woo Kim Putter and putting style debuts. He finished 3-1, helping the International Team by defeating Justin Thomas in the singles match.

"I can putt more consistently and worry less about movement while I'm putting because my putting stroke is one action. Because of all these benefits, I like it."

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PGA Tour Debut - Si Woo Kim Putter

Image of Si Woo Kim
Si Woo Kim in THE PLAYERS Championship

The 2022 Shriners Children's Open in Las Vegas was Kim Si-Woo's first individual PGA TOUR debut using the new putter, and he placed T8. More importantly, he gained 0.583 strokes on the greens, placing 38th overall in Strokes Gained: Putting for the competition. This represents a significant improvement over last season, albeit there is still space for more growth.

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